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Nuclear Depth Bomb - USS Agerholm, 1962

Close, or

from a distance,

it’s hard to tell the difference.

Beginning or end,

enemy or friend.

Give it up,

pretense and defense,

succumb to inevitable,

depravity of senses,

depth charge

and obliteration.








Drinking in Public, 1751

Gradually I feel my head getting cloudy.

I take another sip.

Dizzy, I sway.

Some would say I’m getting more and more

fucked up.

But in this state, I realize, there is clarity.

Less and less, your bullshit has effect.

More and more, I am me.








Night Sky, Stars

Late, so late, yes,

but I enjoy the peace, the freedom,

being alone, in dark surrounds.

Tomorrow can wait.









Your potential is great…

But everything conspires to suffocate:

time, people, place,

all manipulate and violate.

(fuck them and the devil!)








kot, tv, vvp

Hey, baby, it’s all right.

Whatever it takes

for you to get through the night.








yekaterina katnikova

Serendipitously I slide

into the sweet visage…

Forgetting that which may have been;

imagining what could be…

Hurtling out of

and in to


Screw probability,


this is where I’m meant to be.









defiant, I try,

to take a stand against limbo.








dedal i ikar (landon, 1799)

Despite what the TV Preachers imply,

I don’t know if I can make my miracle fly.

Sow a seed, if you please:

such harvest you will reap.









Incomplete fragments,

though frustrating,

are the best,


in them

is hope …


(You don’t know how broken I feel!)





Soft seat, or hard?

We’re equal, more or less.

… Forward,



… Minds on fire.

The train will reach it’s destination

regardless of heart’s desire.