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Soft seat, or hard?

We’re equal, more or less.

… Forward,



… Minds on fire.

The train will reach it’s destination

regardless of heart’s desire.






Candles (ROC)

Your skepticism has ugly, loud manifestations.

Our Faith is beautiful,



We are human,

we can hope.




Golub' s olivkovoy vetv'yu

She views you

much the same way you view him:

Frightful thought!

Let’s walk back, reflect,


Grace be.




Christmas Nativity in the night

Jews are repulsive, indeed!

Thing is, Christians, Muslims,

Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists,

people and chimpanzees,

are inherently repulsive too.

(Such are the bad things we do!)

… Brothers, sisters,

we’re all God’s beloved trash.

Immense work,

Jesus had to save.




Some days

Borscht exists.

And that

is sufficient.




I Want To Believe 2

There is hope,

I hope,

but do I truly believe?

Misery, after all,

pervades my reality.




Àìåðèêàíñêèé äèðèæåð Ë.Ìààçåëü â ÑÑÑÐ


Pensive and introspective,

not a Beluga,

but I too like music classical.




You call me a failure

as I wait passively,


waiting for the “go-getters”

to implode.

The preponderant



nature of society

is a crock

destined to fail.




Sunset Above Clouds


A dream of another reality.


I had hope.




Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)


We’re clutching at straws.

Every day the freaking same!

Hope springs eternal.