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Fingerprints (Schwarz & Rot)

Pain seeps soul away;

or maybe it’s who we are:

sum experience.


(To be continued…)








Gołąbki & Potato (mashed)


In no particular order…

You say Golubtsy,

I say Gołąbki.

You eat in a café,

I eat out of a jar.

Nevertheless, we talk…

We walk…

You say Europe,

I say Eurasia.

You say Pan-Slavism,

I say parasitism.

You say Australia,

I say Austria.

Very well,


Let’s get married.




SPb TV Tower


I know it’s true, interesting and free.

I saw it on Leningrad TV!

(Such is my memory,

suction cap…)




People do what they think they’re meant to,

survival and betterment,

exploitation is key.

Some lie, many die,

slavery and bondage,

peace merges into war.

Restricted and conscripted

people fight,

convinced in the rightness of ideas,

progress will later condemn as wrong.

Children mourn: they see the stupidity with foresight,

would that they could deviate

but resistance is futile,

coercion rules …

Children are tomorrow’s slaves,

if they are fortunate, Janissaries.




At school

your children are learning about our way of life,

as somebody sees it.

(Way of life?

I scoff!

You think we have a *way* of “life”?)

Like brutal Buddhists, perhaps,

who can sentence you to hell on earth

or put you to death

because it is not really the end

(conscience clear),

you will be reborn as a grasshopper.

Way of life and death,

endless cycle of impossible,

beyond apprehension,

outside human comprehension.




New York is enraptured

as Jimmy Connors is more of an asshole than ever,


the USSR is crumbling apart.


Cavernous pit,

all utter shit…



trainwreck in motion,

where will it end?




I didn’t used to get it

when my grandfather used to complain

about me using an “unnecessary” dish

which he would later have to wash.

Now, with time and pain

I understand all too well,

it’s not about laziness , the refrain,

it’s about futility,

and realizing that time, energy

and life in this realm

are all too finite.




The Americans asked me: “Why Crimea? Like, what the hell?”

“Well…” I replied, “In addition to everything else, Koktebel!”




It was the 9th of May.


Touching the immortal.

And suddenly it’s the 10th of May…

and desecration is back on the menu.




Back to perfidy.

Roza, forgive me.




You wake up and realize

that it’s a conspiracy…

They all know each other

(messed-up family,

inbred community,

missing humanity),

*indeed*, it’s a conspiracy,

and *you* are the enemy.