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Otto Mueller_ Tänzerin mit Schleier, 1903 v2

Tuesday, I was briefly happy.

In 1875, I was not yet born.


(To be continued…)










Sometimes the vapidity of humanity,

the stupidity, the futility

of being in this time and space,

strikes you hard,

makes you inert.

… How, this life hurts.

(To be continued…)








Dozhd, Okno

How quickly it fades away,

leaving you with painful memories.

What was, and what is,

transient life.

How much help we need,

and kindness,

how much we don’t get.

Outside and left to own devices,

like a feral cat, first-time mother,

cold, dull, November day.

Life is pain.









Some call it an honor killing,

some a stoning,

in reality, it’s a brutal bludgeoning.

Grotesque, mob “justice”, murderous.

It’s been, and is, happening,

on so many levels,

to so many victims,

like acid attacks,

a holocaust,

the ultimate in toxic.

Meanwhile, a privileged young European woman

sails the ocean on a yacht,

spreading her message,

spreading her fame:

climate change emergency.

… Alas, humanity’s emergency,

swept under carpet,

troubles me more.








Broken 3

I do, but I don’t.

I will, but I won’t.

Conflicted and afflicted,

do you think I like being this way?









Dare to dream!

Yes, beautiful moments,

tantalizing hope,

before you get crushed.








Black Square, Grunge Frame

Blank page, joyful thing.

Endless possibilities…

Limited by state.









I may have known the answer,

but that was yesterday.

Today I am confused and overcome

by feelings of futility.

I therefore try to forget the question

and its implications,

burdens I cannot now take.

… Inside,

I walk away.








2017-07-08, 2335.55

Everybody but me

seems intrinsically happy,


moods improved by sunshine and warmth.

This apparent reality depresses me even more,


feeling nauseous to the core,










Where once there was possibility,

now there is misery.