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Luna_ White USA Flag (Sun Faded)

Nothing’s really changed,

but it sure feels like it,

now that I have seen,

perceived, experienced,

loss and death.

Sunshine fades,

pale memories.









Тег мокрая

Allegedly, apparently, or possibly

(depending on who’s telling me),

I’ve become something

I used to despise.


I don’t care.








As your hollow existence becomes evident,

others, ignorant and laughing, move on.

You reflect and realize,

everyone is expendable.




Page 1


if it exists,

or is even possible,

may be expressed and reflected

in thoughts and words unspoken,

sometimes written.

It is not, however,

in, or guaranteed by,

any code or constitution.




Waking (too early),

in groggy clarity,

I recognize last night’s

thoughts and writing,

as beautiful, insightful





Mauer fällt

Gradually, I put the pieces together,

ultimately, then

the edifice crumbles,

and the wall





1906 Riga_ (Rus)

I’d say, we’re all crazy.



I’m the sanest crazy person I know.




Could it be?

God is in the tree!

Huge, immense,

buffeted by elements.

Still here,

year after year,

beyond human ideas.

Could it be,

God is the tree?

Pray, child, be,


(Take care of those fallen leaves…)




4 Vesta (in_natural_color)


Only rarely can you see an Asteroid with the naked eye,

they say, like Vesta,

in darkest night sky,


remote chance, like lottery win,

Tunguska again.




Anna Sedokova 2


It was a rare treat,

quickly it became well done,

even quicker, overdone.