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Medici Famiglia_ Gio Maria Butteri

“That’s Entertainment!”

Proclaimed, harmless diversion.

… Tonight’s perversion?


(To be continued…)








White Sea–Baltic Canal, 1932 v2

One feels compelled to get up early and get on,

to push and strive, catch the worm.

This is good and decent,

godly, they imply,

this is progress.

Pourquoi, I ask: a repeat of yesterday,

or worse?


(To be continued…)








Mormon Tabernacle Choir 2

His accent is thick, difficult for me to understand.

He says something about being a proud working class rebel, as he takes another drink.

This too is hard for me to understand. I reply, candidly: “Rebel, for getting drunk at the weekend? Briefly forgetting the wretchedness of your plight. Dreaming of a summer holiday. And going back to the miserable grind on Monday? Following orders and expectations. Isn’t that exactly what the ruling classes want you to do?”

He blinked, rubbed his forehead and said, suddenly very clear: “Go get fucked, you Commie cunt!”


(To be continued…)








Berlin, Trauung von Joseph und Magda Goebbels

Don’t look too closely,

or you’ll see pieces of yourself in that person you despise,

and/or pity.


and atrocities,

such is humanity.


(To be continued…)








Volga Barge Haulers_ Ilya Repin

I want to believe in a better future;

really, I do.

Past and present, alas,

tell me to be pessimistic.


(To be continued…)








Private Jet, Inside

They are sneering at you, and your wall Crosses,

they are jeering behind your back,

against your faith and beliefs;

they are evil incarnate

(alas, the opposition is almost as bad).

They pretend to represent and embody you, needs and aspirations,

but really they despise you and yours,

they want to exploit you, they want power,

they are money, greed;

you are mere numbers to them: the “populists”.

They conspire, as they fly on their private jets.


(To be continued…)








Rosa, Vino

Mind blank?

For some it seems easy, a way of being;

blissful ignorance, awaiting input.

For others the prospect is terrifying;

almost as frightful as the cacophony

normally within.


(To be continued…)









Their guilt-trip, manipulation and misinformation

does not have the desired effect and/or result.

They have a plan for me,

but I react differently,

some would say implode.

Their words pervert and contort in my mind,

twisting, molesting my very core.

Their message spoken and haunting,

induces neurosis.


(To be continued…)








Maria Theresia, as Queen of Hungary

The singer-songwriter strings together three words that rhyme,

a catchy phrase, vaguely wise.

“How deep and full of insight!” the media cry;

as the masses buy the song, liking the sound,

the vibe,

stuck on endless replay.

“Yeah, well, I’m not interested in politics,” the singer-songwriter shrugs, answering the unasked question.

… Next stop, President.


(To be continued…)








Music Festival Crowd, Aus

Too many faces,

too much noise,

not enough space.

Thoughtful contemplation,

wisdom attempts, impossible,

in a time and place without off switch.


(To be continued…)