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So many thoughts,

so many ideas,

insights, realizations,

paths to


So many voices outside

and in,




to make me blind.


(To be continued…)








Alenka, Migren, Rabbit Hole

Life manifest,

perfidy and surprise,

series of endless disappointments,

darkness and flashing lights.

… Confusion and delusion,

enlightenment and despair.

… In fallen world, we fall.


(To be continued…)








Night Sky, Stars

As I look at the sky, and breathe, I realize

tomorrow’s tiredness is worth tonight’s peace.


(To be continued…)









She lost interest a long time ago,

but she learned how to pretend.

It’s her job, it’s important,

except, it’s not.


(To be continued…)








NYC Therapy

I woke, and hearing strange noises, it took me some time to realize where I was.

Ah, yes. Sheepshead Bay. Visiting, well, someone.

Gradually, amongst the haze, I remembered I had an appointment today, to see a therapist. Of course, when in New York, do as Romans!


Indeed, as I wait, I see the letters differently, more clearly: The-rapist, yes, the Rapist!

Nein danke!

My mind is messed up enough,

determinedly, I walk away.

Behind me, beseechingly, the receptionist calls…

(To be continued…)









Seeking some meaning,

I read until my arm hurts…

drifting into peace.

(To be continued…)








Europa_ 1979.07.09, Voyager 2 (b)

Pain and suffering,

apparently constant,


in this fallen world.

Like a noble truth,

only relief comes

through delusion,

intoxication of senses…

Alas, temporal.

Tonight’s belief, conviction,

tomorrow’s confusion…

(How long can we fight the pain?

How long can we live this life?)

… Regardless,

the oxymorons

of existence in this realm,

sooner or later,

will smack us in the face,


surprise and “delight”,

burning ice.








Hot Air Balloon 1

Melancholy pervades today’s celebration.

Constant fragility.

Memories of yesterday,

betrayal and pain,

shaping tomorrow.

What hope?









So, here I am again,


ensconsced on the path of least resistance,

like electricity,

mercurial, and regretful,

fearing surges, complications,


interruptions to supply,

threats to survival,

“denial of service attacks”.

History informs, scintillates,


and terrifies.

People are the thing, alas.

In society,

futility and perfidy abound …

knives still in my back.


Happy Birthday, me.

And woe betide my enemies.









Nothing is impossible,

it seems,

except improvement

of situation.