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Could it be?

God is in the tree!

Huge, immense,

buffeted by elements.

Still here,

year after year,

beyond human ideas.

Could it be,

God is the tree?

Pray, child, be,


(Take care of those fallen leaves…)





4 Vesta (in_natural_color)


Only rarely can you see an Asteroid with the naked eye,

they say, like Vesta,

in darkest night sky,


remote chance, like lottery win,

Tunguska again.




Anna Sedokova 2


It was a rare treat,

quickly it became well done,

even quicker, overdone.




Shtange, Irina Dmitrievna (1906-1992) - Tri Gracii


I ask him why men like looking at naked women,

the more,

the better.

“It’s primal…” his slurred reply,

jaw gaping,

“and inspiring.”




Krichat ot boli (Screaming, noise assualt)


I’m trying to hear the voice within,

words sweet, nourishing and wise,

but too many voices without

are clamoring,



the vibe.

What hope,





They needed more slave labor,

so they arrested me on a baloney charge

and sent me to prison,

Gulag, let’s say such.

They needed more slave labor,

so they gave you an interview,

made you jump through the hoops of an application,

made you feel that you earned their approval,

and they gave you a job.

Now we are equals.




Fetal Position 1


They call it a breakdown.

I disagree.

To me, it’s an awakening,

a step into enlightenment,

a realization of what is

and isn’t


Yes, to an extent, I’ve shutdown,

compelled to resist the futile,

and, for them, that’s the rub,

I’m no longer playing by their rules.







I haul my ass to bed,

content, at least,

I am another step closer

to enlightenment.




SPb TV Tower


I know it’s true, interesting and free.

I saw it on Leningrad TV!

(Such is my memory,

suction cap…)




O’ the unrecorded disappointments of history!

The hidden resentments,



personal tragedies.

Big, small, in between.

… O’ what could have been,

wondrous and mighty,

had things gone our way!