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2 Stulya (a)

We sit down together,

compare notes,

and disappear.









Alexandre Dumas & Adah Isaacs Menken, 1866

Right day, wrong year…

I watch some TV,

This thing they show me…

Alas, it’s all too apparent,

mediocrity pays.








Black Hole

In hindsight,


I didn’t foresee


Opportunities lost,

and the clock keeps ticking,

hands moving,

hope sliding away.

Is it time that’s pernicious,

or people’s expectations?

Especially their selfish manipulations

and violations of others beings.








Humanist Funeral

So, you believe in something:

something undefined

beyond the mundane,

as you say.   …

So, you believe in something,

you just don’t know what.   …

Wow. How superficially deep,













when you realize you’re all alone in this world.


despite your best endeavours

to make connections.


when you need someone to help,

but no reply, no hand to caress.

All that remains is an

empty hole,

a laxative for the soul.









There is no is,

only was.

Can we ever really grasp the immediate,

the fleeting present?

No, the brain doesn’t work that fast.

We need to process.

All is past.








Wonder Wm chloroformed & kidnapped

They called it a breakdown.

I call it an epiphany,

a realization of futility.

My eyes are wide open.

How I wish I could sleep again!









Lev Davidovich rides the New York City Subway one day, lost in time and space, contemplating life and place. He is sitting between two young women. They talk incessantly, about themselves. They introduce each other, both Patricia, one Hearst, one Reagan. On and on. … Lev Davidovich would like some peace.

Captains of Capitalism,

their daughters’

attributes displayed,

corrupt system,

celebrity, money, power,

fascination, manipulation.

They screw our hearts and minds.

… Soul sold

to nearest hole.

Demented people crammed in Subway car.








Luna_ White USA Flag (Sun Faded)

Nothing’s really changed,

but it sure feels like it,

now that I have seen,

perceived, experienced,

loss and death.

Sunshine fades,

pale memories.








Тег мокрая

Allegedly, apparently, or possibly

(depending on who’s telling me),

I’ve become something

I used to despise.


I don’t care.