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Maria Theresia, as Queen of Hungary

The singer-songwriter strings together three words that rhyme,

a catchy phrase, vaguely wise.

“How deep and full of insight!” the media cry;

as the masses buy the song, liking the sound,

the vibe,

stuck on endless replay.

“Yeah, well, I’m not interested in politics,” the singer-songwriter shrugs, answering the unasked question.

… Next stop, President.


(To be continued…)









She lost interest a long time ago,

but she learned how to pretend.

It’s her job, it’s important,

except, it’s not.


(To be continued…)








I don’t understand.

I don’t want to understand.

I already understand too much,

such hurt.

… Confusion reigns.

Delirium aims.

Dazed, dizzy we fall.




Anna Sedokova 2


It was a rare treat,

quickly it became well done,

even quicker, overdone.




Berliner Mauer


“It was amazing going to West Berlin,”

Mr One-Hit-Wonder

says to camera:

“An outpost of civilization.”

The washed-up, mediocre musician

muses, remembering a time when

he was so full of drugs that

he can’t remember anything

other than clichés

and baloney,

about how East Berlin was a boring, gray

Communist nightmare,

occupied by Russian savages,

suppressing freedom-loving Germans.

While the West was a cacophony

of vivid, vibrant, life and


Of course, he is British.