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It’s OK,

I don’t either…

I don’t feel very heroic today.

So, let’s float…

Together, separately,

as we will.

Imperatives can wait,

go away,

be ignored.

“Revolt!” I say


“Leave us in peace.”








Mauer fällt

Gradually, I put the pieces together,

ultimately, then

the edifice crumbles,

and the wall





I don’t understand.

I don’t want to understand.

I already understand too much,

such hurt.

… Confusion reigns.

Delirium aims.

Dazed, dizzy we fall.




Berliner Mauer


“It was amazing going to West Berlin,”

Mr One-Hit-Wonder

says to camera:

“An outpost of civilization.”

The washed-up, mediocre musician

muses, remembering a time when

he was so full of drugs that

he can’t remember anything

other than clichés

and baloney,

about how East Berlin was a boring, gray

Communist nightmare,

occupied by Russian savages,

suppressing freedom-loving Germans.

While the West was a cacophony

of vivid, vibrant, life and


Of course, he is British.