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Sometimes… You’re sure of your brilliance,

scintillating wisdom obvious.

Sometimes… Banality tips the balance,

and you realize yourself an empty vessel,

drained by drudgery,

as you grope in the dark,

no hope …

… What chance light switch?

(To be continued…)









Seeking some meaning,

I read until my arm hurts…

drifting into peace.

(To be continued…)








Doyarka, 1959

Seeking some kind of essential,

I milk bricks, daily.




Krichat ot boli (Screaming, noise assualt)


I’m trying to hear the voice within,

words sweet, nourishing and wise,

but too many voices without

are clamoring,



the vibe.

What hope,





I shut my eyes

(people, place, confusion, mess)

and find I see

with much







And shit.


are shit.

They come and they go.

Inconsistently, annoyingly, capriciously,

like ants in the sun and rain.

O’ if only they would stay (gone!).

Then, perchance, peace for me.

We meditate

(strive for enlightenment)

best alone.




It rings so fucking hollow,

why would I choose to follow

your banal cacophony

into the abyss?

You don’t remember,

let alone mourn or miss,

the lost Jews of Salonika.

I, therefore, spit in your eye

and choose my own,

nobler way,

I try,

I strive,

I hope,