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Broken 3

Your past, my past,

it’s mocking us, every day,

every way it can;

memories, torment,

futility and pain, slap in face,

cracked leather.

Good intentions violated, screwed,


today’s future is hollow,

the things that were meant to be

are gone.









World Population Growth 1

The place where you were born,

it isn’t the same

and it never will be.

People make things change,

more’s the pity.








Rus (Berezka-land)

In this time and place,

in the mist of morning tiredness,

as you dread the day ahead,

if you want to be honest,


as you drink your orange juice

and/or Earl Grey tea,

you don’t give a shit about some rainforest frog.

Life is…

dog eat dog.

(and fuck the façade

human misery trumps all!)








Relotius_ Jaegers Grenzer

Regardless of what your American relatives tell you,

everything, indeed, is relative:

truth, justice and the American way,

is truth, lies and compromise.

The answer to the question depends upon time, place

and who is doing the asking.

Objectivity is admirable but, alas, illusive,

and screw liberal “New York Times” hubris.

Everything is

what the powers that be

want it to be.









“Baby doll,” he said to me,


“everything’s fucked up and then you die.”

He swallowed, then sighed:

“And don’t go thinking you can rely on me.”









Today, I realized that my clock is running slow.

Which is to say, my clock has been progressively slowing over time.

Losing seconds, minutes, “life”.

In effect, my clock has been regressing, whilst progressing.

Indeed, ipso facto, as such,

I am reminded, on so many levels, how

the supposedly “progressive” in actuality,

for the balance of humanity,

is regressive.









So, America, you “beat” us,

we, the people, USSR.

Wow, talk about pyrrhic victory!

(The scum you have enabled!)

Pray tell, do you enjoy your new enemies?

And does your 2019 beat your 2001,

beat your 1979?









Hurting people hurt

the ones they love the most,


Self-destructive vibe,

imposed and acknowledged:

if you’re as tortured as me,

you know,


it is yourself

and everybody,


that you despise,

as they drive you

another step closer

to suicide.






Samantha Smith said

“They’re just like us.”

And we’re just like them.


I was hoping for something better.




Torpedoangriff mit Heinkel He111


In hopelessness’ bitter embrace

you cling to

the last raft out of


Perhaps you will return one day,

more likely you will sink,

your name forgotten.

Black, and gone.

This is life, 1942,

for this, you were born?