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LCI (Fr) Newsreader

It feels like a conspiracy,

logically speaking,

when inconsistencies

become the rule.

Please, dear reader, do not question your sanity. Question your neighbors, the system, and the powers that be.


(To be continued…)








Son altesse la femme

Still seeking meaning,

in a world of pain and hurt,

I’m ready to sell.


(To be continued…)








Pornokratès, 1878

Cast adrift in an absurd and hurtful world,

we do our best to survive.

Open to the possibility

of comfort and relief,

regardless of source,

solace we crave;

day by day,

more desperate and depraved.


(To be continued…)








Lake Baikal, Starry Night Sky

If I had,

but I didn’t,

so don’t (remind me, or pull me down, under, to drown) …

It’s gone.

I tried.


(To be continued…)








Birobidzhan, 1999 (2)

The neighbors take great delight in broadcasting

the progression of their happiness,

their version of fulfillment,

for everyone to see.

“Aren’t they doing well?” “Good for them!”

Ostentatious scum!

The sweetness of their hollow success is magnified by my sad bitterness.


(To be continued…)








Nyurnbergskaya Khronika_ Edit Sol'

Lies, damned lies, baloney and innuendo…

Regardless, shit sticks, as they say in the classics,

or is it just me, spinning my wheels.

… O’ futility!

(Is this my lot?)


(To be continued…)








Lewis Hamilton, Mudak

Selfish people suck;

taking life from our blood, bones;

neighbors, nazis, scum.


(To be continued…)








Salinity, Colorado

If only, people would just *be*

and let be,

and not screw, mess, corrupt, spoil, destroy.

But they seem compelled

to manifest hell,

bring everything and everyone down,

to violate, desecrate, complicate,

to compromise,

whatever is outside their own narrow circle,

their clique.


Lowest common denominator,

and survival of the trashiest.


(To be continued…)









Flat World

It turns out, in fact,

that my world is flat.

This I discover, alas,

when I am at the edge.


(To be continued…)









As iron and steel

facing oxygen and water,

rust and corrode;

so to our minds, it seems,

in contact with certain people,

sadly go.


(To be continued…)