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Space Junk

Disparate trash, rumor, misinformation,

mind confused,

too much circulating, bombarding, affecting gravitational pulls.

Messed up Earth, addled brains,

human urge to destroy continues in space.


(To be continued…)








Wm i Mn 2

“It used to be me and you versus the world,” he said,  sighing chagrin.

“Now it seems to be you and the world versus me.”


(To be continued…)








Boxing Gloves

Mixed feelings, confusion,

nothing fits properly,

this life we find ourselves in:

Constricting, yet empty,

full of demands,

but always something lacking,

stupid things we pursue,

striving and seeking,

but never finding real meaning,

what we think we need.

Dazed, we continue,

jarringly, we end,

hitting the deck,

unfitting friend.


(To be continued…)








Ocean, Immense & Bleak

It’s a dangerous thing, so as to speak,

judging people by my own standards,

expecting them to act as I would,

in events and circumstance.

We remain strangers, it would seem,

no universal logic or sense.

Alas, alone in polluted, plastic sea,

humanity floats and drowns.


(To be continued…)








Okno_ Sunshine

Dark day,

seeing my past and future fade away,

too much sunshine, too much glass,

hope disappears in brightness’ glare.

People betray, voices rip and stab,

darkness consumes,

I slip away.


(To be continued…)








Clouds (Ruthenium-106 article)

Fitfully, I drift in and out of consciousness.

Grasping for respite in the teeth of agony.

Meaning and reason dissolves

as I see him, briefly,

beautiful as ever, despite betrayal.

Pain overwhelms.

… Is this life,

or a fleeting memory?


(To be continued…)








Migren, Headache, Tee, Utro

Sometimes, the more I think,

the less it makes sense,

the more it hurts,

the more impossible “success” seems,

the less everything apparently means.

Now is one such time,

alas, one amongst many.

… Agony, intelligence, angst.


(To be continued…)








SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-2_ DT & Pence 2

A winning blend, they believe,

of capitalism, show business,

and chest-thumping nationalism.

This is the stuff of democracy!

(aka electoral victory)

Suddenly self-reliant, apparently;

oozing hubris, the child leaves.

Goodbye, no need to thank strange other,

former fellow traveler.

“This day is history!” the child sneeringly crows.

In the sense that it is past, yes,

otherwise, no.


(To be continued…)








Krichat ot boli (Screaming, noise assualt)

Once the noise is in your head, you’re gone,


Vibrations linger,

contort into crevices of your being,

your essence,

the evil noise twists and dements,

parasitic, it feeds,

taking away good parts,

filling empty shell with badness.

… “Morning has broken” madness.


(To be continued…)








1096 Metz Pogrom

Sure, they appear bloodthirsty scum,

but investigate their motives

and what became …

And feel sympathy.



(To be continued…)