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Meditation, Sunset, Beach, Naked

Another time, another place,

maybe I’d fight, “save face”.

But today, tonight, I don’t care.



(To be continued…)








Black Square

In a dark room, there is peace,

no mirror to reflect in superficially,

no window to see or hear others through.

In a dark room, in quietude,

without external distraction

without sensory stimulation

and base manipulation,

left alone,

there is freedom to be deep,

to detachedly think,

to commune with my soul.

In solitary confinement,

my captors assume I will angrily stew

and tear myself apart,

but they are wrong:

In solitary confinement,

I rejoice!


(To be continued…)








Flower Blows, Hope_

Warmth and inner glow,

moments, when I’m left alone:

freedom to be me.


(To be continued…)








Walking Away, Alone, Snow

Beautiful freedom

in being ignored,

freedom to reciprocate:

my time and mind, expressive,

can be mine!


(To be continued…)









Relatives, are relative …

Family: they all have their needs,

and they all want something from you.


The good ones will be there for you too –

alas, mine was not one of these.

Perfidious scum, they bled me dry

and ran away.

Relatively free,

somewhat at peace,

alone at sea.

Why would I complain?

(Haunted by memories…)


(To be continued…)








Sand To Go

Something within, from so far away,

like I’ve swallowed a piece of meteorite,

it remains, feels like it belongs,

as providence,


this is *me*,

defying “logic” and people’s sneers,

free, uncontainable

as sand to go, evolve,

beyond time and place,

surmounting rhyme and reason …

Marching to the beat of a different drum.


(To be continued…)









She had potential, they say,

and now,

*look* what she has become…

It’s too bad,

it’s such a shame…

But she decided

she didn’t want to play the game.








Old Bayern

I pull the door shut

to give myself some space.

Stale air, after all,

is better than no air.








Read, Books, Dream, Fly

It’s OK,

I don’t either…

I don’t feel very heroic today.

So, let’s float…

Together, separately,

as we will.

Imperatives can wait,

go away,

be ignored.

“Revolt!” I say


“Leave us in peace.”









Less than two years ago, they knew me,

now, I’d been forgotten, apparently.

Actually, I’m glad I haven’t been recognized.

Both then and now, I was and am

an outsider,

separate but here,

with these kids,

together but apart.

Shared experience, but not identity.

I prepare myself for the coming exam.

I hear one ask another: “Who’s that?”

Then: “I don’t know, the anonymous one.”

I smile within myself: How far I have come!