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Less than two years ago, they knew me,

now, I’d been forgotten, apparently.

Actually, I’m glad I haven’t been recognized.

Both then and now, I was and am

an outsider,

separate but here,

with these kids,

together but apart.

Shared experience, but not identity.

I prepare myself for the coming exam.

I hear one ask another: “Who’s that?”

Then: “I don’t know, the anonymous one.”

I smile within myself: How far I have come!









Night Sky, Stars

Late, so late, yes,

but I enjoy the peace, the freedom,

being alone, in dark surrounds.

Tomorrow can wait.








Anke Wischnewski

Sometimes, pained and drained,

you get tired of fighting

and/or overcoming…

you just wanna let it be,

take the path of least resistance,

lie back,


It’s the most natural thing in this world!








Тег мокрая

Allegedly, apparently, or possibly

(depending on who’s telling me),

I’ve become something

I used to despise.


I don’t care.








Suzie Washington 2

I used to be “me”,

I used to be *somebody*,

she tries to taunt me.

But now I am free.

I walk away.

Je m’en fous!








Page 1


if it exists,

or is even possible,

may be expressed and reflected

in thoughts and words unspoken,

sometimes written.

It is not, however,

in, or guaranteed by,

any code or constitution.




USA Flag Bikini 2

I’m not envious of your success,

your riches are an irrelevance,

your existence meaningless.

I hate you

and your ease of being,


I don’t want your things.




Free love,

free hate,

free life,

free death,

free misery, nothingness and joy.

Freedom imposes,

freedom gives and takes.

Freedom bites.




Suzie Washington 2


The orphan smiles to herself,

thankful for her situation

(much as it often hurts).

She remembers life in a family:

dictates, demands, compromises,

pain, lies, perfidy.


she is relatively free.




Fetal Position 1


They call it a breakdown.

I disagree.

To me, it’s an awakening,

a step into enlightenment,

a realization of what is

and isn’t


Yes, to an extent, I’ve shutdown,

compelled to resist the futile,

and, for them, that’s the rub,

I’m no longer playing by their rules.