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Pivo, Escape, Sleep

An ill wind blows

and acid rain falls from sky.

Hope and substance erodes, defiled, corroded, destroyed.

I don’t truly want suicide,

but this life feels as if it’s killing me,

every day, excruciating.

… If only I could sleep, dream, permanently.


(To be continued…)








Scary News Headlines

They scare you with their panic talk:

it’s in their interests, they have an agenda,

not yours.

Take a step back, my friends:

we don’t have to do everything they say,

when they say, how they say.


Let’s do things *our way*,

obeying “common sense” and the Golden Rule

(Do unto others as you would have them do unto you)!

Is this a sweet dream?


(To be continued…)










At the end of the day,

when light fades away,

there’s more life than ever.

… You just may not see it.


(To be continued…)








Freud's Couch

He asked me about my dream.

To summarize, I replied: “Incontinent Nuns.”

“Wow, that’s sick! he exclaimed.

To which I explained,

philosophically defining incontinence.

“Oh, that’s quite healthy,” he smiled,

“To fantasize about such things.”


(To be continued…)









Did I bite into the apple,

or did the apple bite me?

I wanted:

connection, experience, life.

I got:


The apple is obsessive,

in turn it stimulates and drains,

it projects and reflects

a strange mirror image of myself,

still, I am compelled,

I might be in love,

my mind is swimming,

wonderful, confusing thoughts …

it’s hard to form coherent phrases.


the apple teaches,

at the end of the day,

we’re all complicated.


(To be continued…)








Wonder Wm chloroformed & kidnapped

“Living the Dream”?

Where I thought I wanted to be,

but it’s not what it should have been.

It’s been bruised and spattered,

descrated and shattered.

People and situations, systems and forces

have intervened.

And it’s gone,

like a hazy morning dream

gets forgotten on waking.

Living the dream?

It’s a real nightmare!


(To be continued…)








7.09 (1425)

She told me her story,

astounded, my eyes widened,

and remained so.

… Somehow, I know, the words being so powerful,

that when I close my eyes,

late night, early morning,

trying to sleep,

I will still see vividly.

(To be continued…)








Sea Idyll_ Sorolla, 1908

We ate and we smiled.

Later, deep conversation.

And then I woke up.

(To be continued…)








Beagle Dreaming

Something happened.

I did something in reply.

“Everyday” life.

Exhausted, again, I sleep.

Sleeping giant? (I can dream…)

Sleeping dog? (Best to let lie…)

Who can tell from the outside?

Perhaps tomorrow will help.

Regardless, better a live dog (even if sleeping),

than a dead lion.

(To be continued…)









Dare to dream!

Yes, beautiful moments,

tantalizing hope,

before you get crushed.