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Tsar Bomba 2

Because you are you,

and I have no other true ally,

my nuclear lover,

any treachery is magnified infinitely,

to treason, to perfidy,

beyond reason,

and I react










Haunting feeling,

hard to shake:

like, something’s about to go wrong,

about to break.









defiant, I try,

to take a stand against limbo.








Mars Night Sky

A vague memory of some pleasant

(or at least benign) dream persists.

You were in a cocoon,

protected from time and place.

But now awake and exposed,

you grope,

you hope,

Jaruzelski’s dark glasses.




1879, Prang, Boston

For as long as there is a calendar,

which informs and dictates our thoughts and actions,

there can be no freedom.

Watching our dreams fly away…




Page 1


if it exists,

or is even possible,

may be expressed and reflected

in thoughts and words unspoken,

sometimes written.

It is not, however,

in, or guaranteed by,

any code or constitution.




TV_ Lost Signal

Turns out,


the fools aren’t useful

at all.




Beagle Dreaming

From the outside:

A sleeping dog twitching.

On the inside:

Dreams of nuclear fusion.




3.06 Polar Bear 1


How meaningless so much of it is, was and will be.

You know it’s futile.

Yet, still you wish you’d had the courage, energy and stupidity to do things differently.

Who knows?

Manipulated, violated and compromised, you die


Bruised and beaten,

tonight you dream,


lost Eden.




Giovanni Rapiti


Hurting people hurt…

Wishing you were drowned at birth!

Swan song homily.