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Foto Album 1

My life, my memories, my agonies.

All things past, today seem farce.


yesterday’s gladness,

now sadness.

Pain and betrayal cast a shadow over all…

I regret every wasted effort,

every unprotected breath.









1 (Pain)

It was a long night

but not long enough,

unable to sleep,

mind racing,

injustice and pain,


too late.








Wm covers ears, abuse (, opensource)

Shut your eyes,

block your ears,

hold your nose…

Things we wish we did not know!

Nausea, repulsion, abhorrence,

detestable human condition,

hateful people, pain.

In our lives we have a gutful,

no wonder, ultimately,

we acquiesce

to death.









You shake your head,

even thought the movement hurts,

you feel compelled to express chagrin.

Throbbing migraine,

futility compulsion,

fundamental, primal pain.








Hole (Sky View)

Life in society,

a series of holes

that widen,

waiting for you to fall through.

Like socks.

Someone will always take your place.









It’s only a small window,

they tell you,

and it’s closing.

You walk away,

come back tomorrow,

you see the window is closed, yes,

but also smashed,

shards of broken glass.








Vikhr 2

Some days,

best case:

contain chaos.








Tsar Bomba 2

Because you are you,

and I have no other true ally,

my nuclear lover,

any treachery is magnified infinitely,

to treason, to perfidy,

beyond reason,

and I react









Haunted by the feeling that something catastrophic,


is about to happen (like yesterday),

I seek stability,

the perpetually missing element,









It breaks my heart,

the pain and frustration,

which people, place and circumstance

have forced us into.

Like Chinese water torture, drop by drop,

wearing us away,

lies and deceptions drain,

our blood,

our will,

systems and conspiracies destroy.