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Forgettable? … Regrettable? … Commendable?

No. Perhaps. Sometimes, maybe, we try.

Scarred, grizzled, scared; if lucky, we survive.


(To be continued…)







Plyaska Smerti 1

We survived the great trauma.

Apparently, that was our big mistake.


(To be continued…)








Tsar Bomba 2

Sometimes it is nice

to hear silence,

embrace nothingness.

I drink it in,

feeling refreshed,

until my moment is shattered,

as always it seems,

by some idiot person or dog,

exuberant in their self-importance,

existential in their offensive noise.


(To be continued…)









Perpetual motion …

That thing you did yesterday,

must be done again.

… Banal “joys” apparently

never end.


(To be continued…)








R Pipes 2

Well, let’s do our best tomorrow.

Like, c’est la vie, we can’t change history.

But, alas, the historian can.


(To be continued…)









kot, tv, vvp

Hey, baby, it’s all right.

Whatever it takes

for you to get through the night.









Winter peace & stillness.

Like most things people say,

it’s a myth.

And *how* it mocks,

upends your sense of right,

kicks you in the guts,

and spits in your face.

Like good intentions,

other people’s actions

make what should be

a lie.