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Yesterday’s revolution.

Today’s memory.

Tomorrow’s disappointment.

Counteractive forces

play their part.

(Alas, they tear out my heart!)

And we are back

at square one.

… Some say

there is nothing new under the Sun.

Revolution indeed.





Shut the doors and windows,

Turn the TV off.

People confuse and distract,

like cataracts.

Silence child,

Listen within,

search wisdom,


Your destiny awaits!




It’s Summer

and they’re giving away watermelon at the market:

children and adults rush with gleeful abandon,

but nothing is truly free…




I’m an optimist:

when they leave,

I don’t expect them to come back…




Comrade Stalin was speaking to me,

through time and space,

poetic soul,

another voice,


let the cloud dweller be.




As I pace in my cell,

forwards and backwards,

I consider,

imagining myself somewhere and someone


Imagine… Like an American.

Way of life.


Planet Earth.

Some women give birth.



Nonetheless, progress.

If I had a therapist,

they would be impressed.





O, Katyusha,

what was (so beautiful!)

and what could have been

(more and beyond!)


like the rocket’s red glare,


in the night sky.

(O, how I wanna go back!

And forward, somehow…)

But alas,

I’m so sad,

the ship has apparently sailed.

And I am alone,

and feeling


without you.

All I can do is stare into space,

imagining that you are too.




I read, see and hear the news.

Ugly, alleged truths,

incomplete stories,


confusion and pain.

I feel the need to be informed


I want to run away.

I need something different.

I want to embrace beauty.

I need to see art,