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Bikiniarze_ Devushki

Remembering and cherishing,

living in the golden memories,

the times,

that never really were.











Most days, I try,

I do what I can to get by,

to survive.

There’s an emptiness.

You’re probably the same:

Not where we thought we would be

when we were seventeen.





Soft seat, or hard?

We’re equal, more or less.

… Forward,



… Minds on fire.

The train will reach it’s destination

regardless of heart’s desire.





1879, Prang, Boston

For as long as there is a calendar,

which informs and dictates our thoughts and actions,

there can be no freedom.

Watching our dreams fly away…




Tiziano_ Amor Sacro y Amor Profano (1514)

Renaissance Man sees things another way,

he has *perspective*.

He is not moved by your dancing,



nor by your gimmicks and VR Glasses.

Athens, Rome, Moscow burn?

He plays cello,

calmly reflecting.

A peace inspired by Plato.

Renaissance Man looks boldly

into the future,

he sees shit,

he flushes toilet.

Nuclear wind blows,

Summer and Winter,

my hero,

never old grows.




Simone Weil

Her memory spoke to me in a dream,

chastising, emphasizing,

be a thinker *and* doer.

She spoke to me,

reminded me,

her life and actions louder than words.

Simone Weil,


and die.




Женя Биглова

In these days of constant flashing lights,

gimmicks & perversions,

I have a yearning to return to Chess

and innocent card games.




Aus 1

And me,

with only one Ruble

and one Dollar

to my name.

Indeed, the Dollar is Australian,

whatever that means.


I have peace.




Mars Night Sky


Like an insect,

or rodent,

I’m happy to see you are gone.

So, I can forget, move on.





A very short

and painful word,

laden with possibility

and loss,