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TP Bushings_ Antoine Repessé

It says something about a society which,

when faced with apocalypse,

stockpiles not cabbage, onions or fish,

but toilet paper.


(To be continued…)








1919 NYT Red Scare, Anarchist Bombings

Headline catches your eye,

you pursue,

you take time to read and think,


it’s interesting,

you want to learn,

you want to know.

Alas, you are wasting your time,

it’s innuendo,


sandwiched between a few bare-bone possible facts.

You get to the end of the article and you’re more confused than ever.

Journalism 2019,



yesterday and today,

someone always pays.








In the cold, hard light of this morning’s groggy exhaustion,

last night’s artistic endeavor seems

like shit,

expelled from body.









If the system’s rotten,

how can I do anything

valuable within?




Tired of words,

and people,

dry skin

and stinging eyes;

I seek solace,


brief focus on toenails.




The toilet paper is shit!

So much so,

that it makes me hanker for

the time

when we carried newspapers around.

Newspapers which weren’t, perhaps,

but now, most definitely are


Oh, how the world turns.