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Paper Sheet_ Dirty, Messy 1

I turned over a new page,

decided on a fresh start,

determined to do …

But, alas, the new page was soon as messy as all the previous,

confused, complicated, compromised, attempts.


(To be continued…)








1990 McDonalds Moskva

So, this is what freedom tastes like?


Alas, I prefer goulash.


(To be continued…)








LCI (Fr) Newsreader

It feels like a conspiracy,

logically speaking,

when inconsistencies

become the rule.

Please, dear reader, do not question your sanity. Question your neighbors, the system, and the powers that be.


(To be continued…)








Looking Over Cliff


Gradually the abyss is normalized.


(To be continued…)









It is said: God’s timing is perfect.

Alas, this world and its people are not …

They aspire to contrive, exploit, deprive

each other,

every waking (and sleeping) moment.


(To be continued…)








Pioneer Plaque Humans

To speak, is to be misunderstood,

more or less, by somebody,

family, friend, enemy,

every day.


(To be continued…)








Lake Baikal, Starry Night Sky

If I had,

but I didn’t,

so don’t (remind me, or pull me down, under, to drown) …

It’s gone.

I tried.


(To be continued…)








Rouget de Lisle

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize,

liberty, egality and fraternity

were reserved for “citizens”.

Alas, bourgeois nationalism,

and warmongering paternalism,

is not in my blood.

Who, I ask, is impure?


(To be continued…)









As iron and steel

facing oxygen and water,

rust and corrode;

so to our minds, it seems,

in contact with certain people,

sadly go.


(To be continued…)








Konstantin Yuon, Komsomol Girls (1926)

My good intentions,

distracted by digression,

stretched elastic breaks.

Elastic, Broken

(To be continued…)