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Berlin, FKK-Anhängerin am Langen See

Life beautiful


The Fall.









Earth, Dry, Cracked


many times,

you know that, really, you don’t want to know.

Knowing is a burden,

a form of responsibility you don’t need or want,

yet you are drawn in,



fear of missing out,


written on your tombstone.








Bikiniarze_ Devushki

Remembering and cherishing,

living in the golden memories,

the times,

that never really were.









World Population Growth 1

The place where you were born,

it isn’t the same

and it never will be.

People make things change,

more’s the pity.








Anke Wischnewski

Sometimes, pained and drained,

you get tired of fighting

and/or overcoming…

you just wanna let it be,

take the path of least resistance,

lie back,


It’s the most natural thing in this world!









Shit hits fan,

fan hits shit,

stars align,

sometimes benign,

often malign:

people, people, people,

self-centered motherfuckers!

… And someone is holding your head under water!


clock stops,

hole in sock,

and you are under,

lake freezing over.








Rus (Berezka-land)

In this time and place,

in the mist of morning tiredness,

as you dread the day ahead,

if you want to be honest,


as you drink your orange juice

and/or Earl Grey tea,

you don’t give a shit about some rainforest frog.

Life is…

dog eat dog.

(and fuck the façade

human misery trumps all!)










Not in the truest sense, probably.

A swindle, more likely.

But I was tired, drained

and bored by the board.

I agreed, shook hands, and walked away.

Metaphor, honor, and sanity intact

for at least one more day.








Arktika (1980)

You break the ice

only to find there is nothing beneath.

You had imagined there would be depth to his soul, intrigue.

But there is nothing, not even water beneath the ice, just a yawning, gaping void.

Disappointed, you resolve to not ask any more questions.







Vikhr 2

Some days,

best case:

contain chaos.