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Drain 2

Mindlessly, we act and do,

variously, filling our days.

We fill

and we feel empty.

Meaninglessness drains,

ultimately kills.

(To be continued…)









Drain 1

Cycle of humanity,

circling, swirling,

clockwise and anti,

every day …

further down drain.

(To be continued…)









Peace, looking at sky…

Eternal gift, by God’s Grace.

Business wants to block.

(To be continued…)








J Edgar Hoover 2

Told what’s right and wrong.

Simplistic, jingoistic.

American, sure.

(To be continued…)









Sometimes… You’re sure of your brilliance,

scintillating wisdom obvious.

Sometimes… Banality tips the balance,

and you realize yourself an empty vessel,

drained by drudgery,

as you grope in the dark,

no hope …

… What chance light switch?

(To be continued…)









Sometimes the vapidity of humanity,

the stupidity, the futility

of being in this time and space,

strikes you hard,

makes you inert.

… How, this life hurts.

(To be continued…)








1985.11 Geneva 2

Spaced out, I took the book from the shelf.

I lay on the floor and started reading.

Always looking for insight, even now…


I had confused Goncharov

with Gorbachev.

(To be continued…)








Europa_ 1979.07.09, Voyager 2 (b)

Pain and suffering,

apparently constant,


in this fallen world.

Like a noble truth,

only relief comes

through delusion,

intoxication of senses…

Alas, temporal.

Tonight’s belief, conviction,

tomorrow’s confusion…

(How long can we fight the pain?

How long can we live this life?)

… Regardless,

the oxymorons

of existence in this realm,

sooner or later,

will smack us in the face,


surprise and “delight”,

burning ice.








8.10 Digitized Sky Survey

Yes, eager to do,

but cogs are sticking like glue.

Best intentions screwed.









So, here I am again,


ensconsced on the path of least resistance,

like electricity,

mercurial, and regretful,

fearing surges, complications,


interruptions to supply,

threats to survival,

“denial of service attacks”.

History informs, scintillates,


and terrifies.

People are the thing, alas.

In society,

futility and perfidy abound …

knives still in my back.


Happy Birthday, me.

And woe betide my enemies.