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How much change can one day bring,

inflict? So as to say.

Everything and nothing,


… Stability, meaning

and eroded foundation.

Reasons for being,



broken machines,

frozen water pipes.

Eulogies and memories,

pain and dread,



raised from the dead.




Iphigenia, Sacrifice of_ François Perrier


TV Preacher talks of her childhood,

molested and raped by her father.


She made it through, thank God,

and, though bitter for years,

got to the point where she could forgive,

move on, and talk about it.

And talk, and talk,

preaching the power of forgiveness.

Ultimately then I realize,

whether deliberate or not,

she *has* revenge.

The people, the faithful, the casual,

watchers and listeners around the world

all rightly sympathize.

And millions now know her father was scum

(like the cop he offered her to).

Evil seed in everyone?




Giovanni Rapiti


Hurting people hurt…

Wishing you were drowned at birth!

Swan song homily.