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Sick joke.

After the deluge, flood,

gut-wrenching damage,

heart-broken people,

sunshine has the temerity to break through,


I grimace in the glare.

What solace?

Perverted grace.


… Mockery and farce.




Oozing with a sense of injustice,

every painful step, my feet feel bruised, pummelled, they throb.

Every glimpse out the window, a stab in the heart,

a reminder,

a betrayal.

Inconsiderate, self-absorbed, hateful humanity.

Perfidy takes many forms,

my friend,

strangers and fucked-up families.

The unending end.





Time missed.

Clock ticks.

You glance.

No second chance.

How your heart sinks,

when you realize the minute hand

is moving 60 to the dozen.

Life, think,

see, perceive,


chance gone.

Yesterday is something to look forward to.




Mid-sentence… I always seem to wake.

No wonder I feel dazed, confused,

perpetually half-baked.




Headache, dizzy, nausea.

I decided to venture out for some fresh air.

I found myself, somehow, in an English village,

assaulted by a cacophony of noise,

machines cutting grass

and other unnecessary things,

money chasing flights of fancy, futility…

the confusing din

of capitalism.




Casanova and Byron,

bastards both, apparently.

Literally and figuratively.

A TV documentary informed.


A repulsive word,

somehow back in fashion,




like cunt,

and a virgin


for the fifteenth time.





the ultimate pawns.


or collectivized,

deluded, denuded,


despoiled, destroyed.




broken toys.




The politician decided to tell the truth,

once more,

living dangerously.


Life and death insurance,

funeral plans, slavery…

The commodification of everything,

suits the government, totally.

Tax payable and jobs created,

we thrive on your misery!




The politician decided to be honest,

to open herself up.

Of course, democracy will punish her…

Public opinion. Popularity contest.

Tabloid reporting. High-brow sneering.

Kompromat? … Yes, please!

“Entertainment”, baloney, titillating feel,

people don’t want “real”.




“The manda,

she’s got some spunk in her!”

(Fight and cry…)

The soldiers laughed

and went off to die.