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USA Flag Bikini 2

I’m not envious of your success,

your riches are an irrelevance,

your existence meaningless.

I hate you

and your ease of being,


I don’t want your things.





My refuge,

sanity sanctuary,

enclave of peace

and enlightenment.

My hope.


stranded in desert,

my hands claw through the dead sands,

I try to move on,

try to see once again,

the oasis.

My hope.




Gołąbki & Potato (mashed)


In no particular order…

You say Golubtsy,

I say Gołąbki.

You eat in a café,

I eat out of a jar.

Nevertheless, we talk…

We walk…

You say Europe,

I say Eurasia.

You say Pan-Slavism,

I say parasitism.

You say Australia,

I say Austria.

Very well,


Let’s get married.