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SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-2_ DT & Pence 2

A winning blend, they believe,

of capitalism, show business,

and chest-thumping nationalism.

This is the stuff of democracy!

(aka electoral victory)

Suddenly self-reliant, apparently;

oozing hubris, the child leaves.

Goodbye, no need to thank strange other,

former fellow traveler.

“This day is history!” the child sneeringly crows.

In the sense that it is past, yes,

otherwise, no.


(To be continued…)








Music Festival Crowd, Aus

Too many faces,

too much noise,

not enough space.

Thoughtful contemplation,

wisdom attempts, impossible,

in a time and place without off switch.


(To be continued…)









It’s wonderful, I guess,

that she gets a feeling of fulfillment from *that*,

I, alas, don’t.

Yet, I am judged by her standard, her mores.

While I don’t cast any stones, I stand condemned.

Is this fair?


(To be continued…)








Norge, Cruise Ships

The visitors come and they go.

They don’t want to stay,

they don’t want to know,


no, they have their “memories”.

The visitors glimpse scenery,

and sail away,

fixated on coming dinner menu,

tonight’s on-board entertainment;

delusions, distractions,



(To be continued…)








Mother & Child (Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin)

She referred to herself as an illegitimate child.

“Really?” I replied. “Why denigrate yourself so?”

“Illegitimacy”. Surely an offensive and outdated term.

In these supposedly liberal and progressive times,

why would such a concept remain?

Yet, in “advanced Western” contexts I hear it repeatedly.

As if an inherent shame stalks the child forevermore.

Bizarre! I thought such ideas had died out long ago.

To me, all children are legitimate.

It’s got nothing to do with parentage.

The child simply exists.

Indeed, if you prick them do they not bleed?

Words, certainly cut asunder.

Then I reflected, was reminded:

the concept of illegitimacy,

cloaked in bogus morality,

actually has more to do with greed

and bourgeois inheritance imperatives.

Do you agree?


(To be continued…)








Allan Österlind_ Pied Piper, Hameln

The leaders snap their fingers,

contradictory announcements, issue orders:

everything must change, backwards to “normal”,



The people do what they can to follow, obey:

this is democracy.


(To be continued…)








Pacific (Tikhiy)

We, people of the 21st Century,

are, for most part, self-focused to the extreme.

Yet, in paradox, we crave constant external stimuli,

“entertainment”, sensory overload, banalities.

Left alone, we’re easily bored and,

hating peace, do whatever possible

to drown out our own thoughts.


(To be continued…)








TP Bushings_ Antoine Repessé

It says something about a society which,

when faced with apocalypse,

stockpiles not cabbage, onions or fish,

but toilet paper.


(To be continued…)








Kiel Mutiny

If I work hard and abide by the rules, they told me, I too could have an expensive boat moored at the marina.

I knew it was a lie, that the deck is always rigged. And, besides, I haven’t had a desire to be “onboard”, so as to speak, since Kiel, 1918.


(To be continued…)








Children Of Hotel America

The anthropologist-ethnographer observes the couple on their wedding day. Between civil and religious ceremonies, they stop for Big Macs at McDonald’s. The anthropologist-ethnographer posits that the couple are making a declaration: they embrace modernity, capitalism, consumerism. Perhaps he’s right. Probably more likely, the couple are Lithuanians of a certain vintage, devoid of taste and pretense, hungry, they were attracted by the bright lights.


(To be continued…)