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MAGA Devushka

Time and experience …

the longer I live in this world,

the more I realize:

Nowhere is a beacon.

Hope and aspiration lie defeated

at the feet of collective decadence and greed.

Further down the rabbit hole,

humanity falls.


(To be continued…)








2020.02.08, 1312

Hollow words, no substance,

vain repetitions, ardently observed.

Expansionist gestures, in your face:

is it faith, or is it hate?

Intentions regardless, you show respect,

and wait for the toilet to flush.


(To be continued…)








Earth, Dry, Cracked


many times,

you know that, really, you don’t want to know.

Knowing is a burden,

a form of responsibility you don’t need or want,

yet you are drawn in,



fear of missing out,


written on your tombstone.









In a past life,

I was sent into space,

launched in a rocket,

I forget the time and place.

Traumatized, atomized,

blasted and dissected,

everything lost meaning,

form and being.


I have a feeling that I wasn’t dog or ape,

hopefully then, I was Félicette,

Parisienne Hero Cat,

not, alas, a nameless,

forgotten rat.








City Of London School For Girls


Outside is unlikable,

so I stay in the hotel.

For a time,

I watch the amount of television I can bear.

The commercials are a killer:

(im)morality lessons from frozen French-Fry companies,

and legal loan sharks proudly promoting usury as a viable option.

Then there’s the news:

you can have anything, if you pay,

even an education.

Lies, manipulation and exploitation.

It gets to the point where I can’t take anymore,

The noise, the clanging, the shit.

I turn the TV off, throw the remote control out the window,

and brave the streets myself.

Welcome to hell.




Letters in Vortex


I read the letter, received.

To me it feels both hollow & surreal,

meaningless & meaningful.

It stirs up old emotions & new,

drains me

and fills me with dread.




Immediately before, during and after climax,

when I have no control,

ecstatic for the moment,

a cascade of negative images,


hurts and enemies,

floods through my mind’s eye.

Utter violation,

perverted blasphemy.

It’s distressing



to be assaulted thus

in a private moment of bliss.




The government wants to execute you!

But their heart isn’t in it,


otherwise it would already be done.

The pretence of justice,

trial and jury,

would be dispensed,

abiding by convictions,

the system would do as expected,

and you would be shot.

But instead you are hung

and left hanging,

in limbo,

in hell.

Often, you wish they would shoot you,

like a dog,

just get it over with,

but society cares more about dogs

than people.

Uncertain fate,

neverending circle of hate.

Inside, torment

is never dormant.

Yes, they have decided to torture you

in the way that only life and living

can do.

The government wants you

to execute yourself.




If only people would be quiet,

shut up and listen,

they’d soon realize

(if only they’d try!),

I have something (way!)

more interesting to articulate,

than the banalities

they repeat,

day after day.




Ah, yes, the

neverending legitimacy and wannabe

pissing match.


we all think we’re special

and we assert our interests,

trashing others’,

with hateful lies and destruction,

cloaked in bogus justification,

because we’re older or younger,

more this or that,

and deserve greater than the human next door.

The man beats his chests like an ape,

standing proud,

while up above aliens look down

and see

a small man with wet pants

and urine down his leg.