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when you realize you’re all alone in this world.


despite your best endeavours

to make connections.


when you need someone to help,

but no reply, no hand to caress.

All that remains is an

empty hole,

a laxative for the soul.









You reach out,

one way or another,

as best you can, here and now.

And in the resultant emptiness

you are reminded

how alone

and lost at sea

we actually are

(whether you realize it or not).

Happy New Year…




Under siege from every angle,

*they* demand constant fight.

I revolt

by giving up,

moving to another realm…




Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)


We’re clutching at straws.

Every day the freaking same!

Hope springs eternal.




Suzie Washington 2


The orphan smiles to herself,

thankful for her situation

(much as it often hurts).

She remembers life in a family:

dictates, demands, compromises,

pain, lies, perfidy.


she is relatively free.




Letters in Vortex


I read the letter, received.

To me it feels both hollow & surreal,

meaningless & meaningful.

It stirs up old emotions & new,

drains me

and fills me with dread.




Overcome by futility

and human frailty


I desire finality

and close my eyes.



another reality.




Yamal, 2009 (2)



it’s not as if you have the crushing weight

of Arctic pack ice on your shoulders.

So, exhale and relax.

Viva perspective,


So says the ass

who doesn’t know

or appreciate

what you’re going through:

The pain in your brain,

the panic which consumes every

cell of your body and being,

the total torment,

so far beyond what any

nuclear-powered icebreaker

could surmount.


I understand.




In Petrograd’s embrace,

tantalized, I lose my place,

the queue is long but


I don’t care.

At peace, I look up,

staring at the sky.

I fall asleep.

Beautiful, detached sleep,

life in another realm.

Poking me with a stick,

they accuse me of falling off the wagon.

“Wagon?” I reply,

“What freaking wagon? I’m from Siberia.”




In the news today…

And forgotten tomorrow…

Everyone’s moving on…

Pain & suffering, refreshed,


a different face,

some other place.

Your blood is dried, gone.

No more tears are cried, for you.

For You…

You are expunged,



from the collective memory.

You are washed out.