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Ocean, Immense & Bleak

It’s a dangerous thing, so as to speak,

judging people by my own standards,

expecting them to act as I would,

in events and circumstance.

We remain strangers, it would seem,

no universal logic or sense.

Alas, alone in polluted, plastic sea,

humanity floats and drowns.


(To be continued…)








Black Square

In a dark room, there is peace,

no mirror to reflect in superficially,

no window to see or hear others through.

In a dark room, in quietude,

without external distraction

without sensory stimulation

and base manipulation,

left alone,

there is freedom to be deep,

to detachedly think,

to commune with my soul.

In solitary confinement,

my captors assume I will angrily stew

and tear myself apart,

but they are wrong:

In solitary confinement,

I rejoice!


(To be continued…)








Flower Blows, Hope_

Warmth and inner glow,

moments, when I’m left alone:

freedom to be me.


(To be continued…)








Walking Away, Alone, Snow

Beautiful freedom

in being ignored,

freedom to reciprocate:

my time and mind, expressive,

can be mine!


(To be continued…)









I want to believe the best about people,

good intentions, etc.

But I’ve met too many,

been disappointed too often,

lied to

and cheated,

to, alas, be jaded,


and sadly wary.

… Regardless, a small flame flickers:

Wistful agony!

Disenchanted, alienated,

overwhelmed by impossibility,

still, I want to believe.


(To be continued…)








Space Junk

Random acts of kindness,


fester inside,

turn to bitterness.


(To be continued…)









Relatives, are relative …

Family: they all have their needs,

and they all want something from you.


The good ones will be there for you too –

alas, mine was not one of these.

Perfidious scum, they bled me dry

and ran away.

Relatively free,

somewhat at peace,

alone at sea.

Why would I complain?

(Haunted by memories…)


(To be continued…)








Charles the Bald 1b

Charles the Bald (not to be confused with Charles the Bold),

may or may not have actually been bald (depending upon what is meant by bald).

This year, if you want to give me a present, so as to say,

don’t give me anything new,

s’il vous plaît.

The past is quite enough to deal with.


(To be continued…)








Broken 3

Seized with terror,

sickened inside,

as I’m reminded (yet again!)

of my isolation

and fragility,

in the face of constant struggle,

total futility.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…

I’m tired of fighting!


(To be continued…)








Dozhd, Okno

The storm fills every crevice of my being,

pounding, bludgeoning my body and soul,

destroying my faith in nature

(whatever that means).

The wind roars, non-stop invective,

insulting, it seems, all that is holy,

as the rain continues to fall in torrents,

deluge, destroying, flooding,

washing away all hope.

The storm fills every crevice of my being,

what’s worse, I know it’ll still be with me tomorrow,

mocking, in calmness and sunshine,

its effects and its essence will linger.


(To be continued…)