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The Altona banner,



stirred emotions.

Repulsive and nauseating, in context,

yet somehow still captivating,

victors and victims all dead,

remains scattered,

truth and lies spread.


not black and white.


Olympiada turned away and hung her head in shame.

Not because she was ashamed of herself

but rather

of what was done in her name.

Humanity and the pursuit of excellence,

an oxymoron,

quite a spectacle.


I listened to the radio news

and spoke with the school janitor,

to get the lay of the land,

to hear what’s what.

Informed, indeed,

somewhat, apparently.

Yes, I know more,

but I question the value

of such garbage in my head,

as I run to the hills,

screaming, demented,

desperately looking for higher ground.


It’s like when I was 13,


and mice were a problem

and it was my job to set the mousetrap –

a nasty metal killing machine, overly sensitive,

extremely hard to set without it snapping to life,

stinging and biting,

against my fingers.

And after so many times of the trap going off,

I developed what felt like existential angst,

an extreme loathing of the onerous chore,

a fundamental insecurity

and inability to go on.

The kind of thing which extends

beyond the job at hand.


confidence lost,

foundation eroded.

Yes, existential angst.

Foetal position, curled up on the floor,

in my minds eye,

nowhere else to go.

Existential angst.

Of mice and humans.

Shaken, I feel it today.


Sometimes it is enough

to see one end of a rainbow,


even a mere glimpse

on the horizon.

How long has it been?

How long has it been?


An end to the acid rain?


The young generation feels no need to apologize for the sins of their forebears.

The old generation feels no need to forgive the youngsters.

Endless cycle,

clash of civilizations,

the hate knows no depths

but despair,

electric rocking chair.

Ultimate futility and pissing in the wind.

We are only happy when we meet at funerals.

What chance Opera Ball

and romance?


For the common good,

I gave my heart and my soul,

and no one noticed.

And the last thing I need to hear

is politicians and wannabes spouting and espousing

the need for progressive policies

and/or conservative values,

both oxymorons.

Change for change’s sake

and retention for the want of a bowel movement.

Like, who wouldn’t want to be known as progressive?

It’s a natural aspiration,

of course.

But the word (and world) has been hijacked.

Change does not always equal progress

and a step forward often results in many steps backward.

Study history.

Likewise conservatism,

a security blanket,

but, really, is the world here and now,

people, place, society,

so great that we want to preserve it, as is?

Go back into the hole you came out of,

one might say.

In between the devil and the toxic sea.

Turn on, tune in, OD, drop out.

Humans are stupid…

Bears have the good sense to hibernate.


The weeks pile upon the days,

the months melt into years.

Time loses meaning.

I don’t want to go forward

and I don’t want to go back.

Meaningless or not, time still passes.

And my every effort seems to become more and more futile

and, ever more hurtful,

resentfulness consumes me.

Discordant and awkward, messed up.





We mangle words,

we mangle people,

concepts explored,

money made

at great human expense.

The market is happy

but it makes no sense.

Like meat left to rot,

we spoil

for Dollars and cents.

Humanity debased.

Lives destroyed

wills crushed,

possibilities gone,

beautiful things desecrated.


the world is a poorer place.