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Happy 14th of January!

So they tell me.


I feel so matter-of-fact about it.

What does it mean?

I think, therefore I am…

I think… I am entering into

a beautiful new realm of increased detachment.

Freedom, in captive surrounds.



societal construct,



I say, revoke and repudiate

such negativity.

Wish upon a star in an unseen sky,

and be free.


What does declaring oneself Avant-Garde mean?

Why, anything I want it to be.

And that may well mean something different

tomorrow from today,

or yesterday,


and at times I will deny my membership

of your Avant-Garde clique…

Your definition,

your society,

I will flea.

As, alas…

Your boundaries, restrictions and machines,

your timelines and agendas,

mar the eternal possible beauty of the human soul and being.

Like, peace.

Perchance to breathe

and be still.

Still, nonetheless,

I have been and will continue to be,


in my own, unique, forward way,

whether you see it, or not.


I march to the beat of my own drummer…

Ipso facto,

I am Avant-Garde epitome.



Amidst the confusion,

society’s shrill voices,

myriad dictated choices,


the power of “I don’t know”,

and “I don’t need to know”.

But *this* I do know,

a personal revolation,

Sofia in my ear,

am I compelled to share?


And, so…

But, for your benefit, I will say:


Pray and embrace,

the power of detachment.


In a strange sense,

we all want to reach the end of history.

The actualization

of the embodiment

of the best that we can possibly be,

no more evolution necessary.

Francis Fukuyama thought it came with the end of the Cold War

and the supposed triumph of liberal democracy.

Yukio Mishima,

obsessed with tradition,

passion for a system,

the emperor deity,

thought it came with death

(in a literal and personal sense, he was right).



For me,

an anonymous member of the Russian (and/or Ukrainian, Armenian, Soviet, Global, etc…) Avant-Garde,

lost in time and place,

it is

Life itself

and the power of being able to say:

“I understand”


“I don’t understand”.