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Mururoa Atoll 2

Beauty will save the world,

it is said.

Perhaps, and it may well have been meant to be so.

But, alas …

What if the beauty has been buried so deep under evil and badness, human self-centeredness,

that it has no chance?

In a strange parody of the carbon release scenario plaguing the planet, imagine that the beauty simply cannot be found and/or released.

What hope then?

We die in an ugly world.


(To be continued…)








Rosa Canina (Belg)

If the critic is looking for another description of a flower,

s/he will not get that from me.

The world and the people do not need another description of a flower

(go outside and look for yourself: sometime, somewhere, something will be growing near you – whether moss or wild rosa).


we need to think,

to explore the heart of darkness,

to treat each other with kindness.

We need enlightenment.


(To be continued…)








Vino v Vannaya

Succumb, the heart says,

to spontaneous desire;

delay future pain.









Georgii Brousentsov - Au bord de l'eau

I see art,

and it’s beautiful.

The creation is truly a sensation!

But I understand what most men see,

on the wall,

in their souls,

and what they feel…

Base arousal.








Please, I want beauty,

in my visual range, perchance,

rise above horrors.