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Imagine life when the internet ceases,

phone signals desist,

TV broadcasts stop.

Imagine, what you will do?

How will the world function?


Will you smile

when your devices are only as good

as what’s contained within?

Captain Mike says that Swedish culture is lovely and gentle and too soft to make champion Biathletes.

Like, the coaches say: Oh, so, you’re tired, Mikke, okay, take it easy today, do as you feel. … Unlike the fiends across the border, driven and determined (Champions!), who say suck it up.

He may be right. He may also be missing the point.

Sweden is Sweden and there are more Swedish champion Biathletes than Captain Mike’s had urges about Ursula.

Biathlon brings the family together, such as it is.

Globally and in the nation, most people don’t understand,

the power and the passion, the brick wall …

But for those who do, there is peace,

and with peace there is life

and a certain prosperity even within apparent poverty and pain.


Presque Isle will become Holmenkollen, Holmenkollen will become Khanty-Mansiysk.

And yes, through the sorrow of the everyday, I have a reason to keep living.