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In the name of “fighting” Communism,

your democratic government (“of and for the people”)

empowered criminals and drug-pushing scum,

enabled the destruction of millions of lives, hopes and dreams,

perpetuated evil, indeed.

Past, present, future.

We’re *Gone*.

Statue of Liberty, stands proud,

looks passively away,

heart of stone.






Happy Independence Day!

Six nights ago, and always…

M16s like candy,

agree or die.

El Presidente is our resident

patriotic rodent

(your oppressor,

our puppet dictator),

obedient to the true ruling classes,

backroom guys,

money gods,

sacred capitalist dogma.

Welcome, motherfuckers, to the land of the free,

coming to your country,

opening a factory,

giving you jobs,


putting you to work,


Put down your AK-47s, too easy to use,

too enabling,

and listen to us

we’ll complicate your lives,

make things interesting,

give you everything you didn’t know you needed,





Drink the kool-aid child and dream,

of freedom,

to buy hollow commodities,

with cocaine-laced dollars,

hell, yeah,

those bastards keep the economy going,

you in the gutter,

*our* dreams, riches and power intact.

Happy Interdependence Day, in deed and fact.




Democracy, an illusion, a façade,

always lurking, another royal family,

another dynasty,

another perverter of the good and proper…

Democracy, elects tomorrow’s dictator…

Deluded hollow euphoria,

Heads, you win,

you get Pervitin.




We don’t need enemies,

we have each other.




You wake up and realize

that it’s a conspiracy…

They all know each other

(messed-up family,

inbred community,

missing humanity),

*indeed*, it’s a conspiracy,

and *you* are the enemy.




The bosses like to get high,

really high,

as high as they can

on the skyscraper their contractors are building


and surveil their kingdom below.

High. And low. Puppet masters, exploiters, manipulators, purveyors of misery.

In a city, near you and me.

Up high the bosses are removed from the “filth” below,

the hookers, the scammers and dope dealers they control,

the scum they use as footsoldiers,

the low-lifes they’ve gotten rich off.

Up high, the bosses stay detached and clean.

They shake hands, and nod smugly.

Deal’s made.

The bosses go home, to their mansions,

respectable, Catholic, family men,

they kiss their wives

and each five children.

Tonight, satisfied, sweet sleep.

Deal’s made, sealed.

… And outside the wind blows,

devil’s breath whispers …

tomorrow death for all.




Last night’s prayer.

This morning’s forgotten dream.

Today’s nightmare.

Tomorrow’s sorrow.




“Dear Colleague, have you considered our proposal and the implications of the dossier anymore? Any conclusions?” he asked.

I looked into his eyes,

vapid pools

of bullshit.

“The future is as fucked as today,” I replied.

“We’re screwed, and all too soon another unwanted baby will be born.”




You keep talking.

Either you’re an optimist

or a moron.




We hurt.

We hate.

Vision clouded by tears,

we listen to the demons speak.

Endless cycle of injustice,

we retort,



(It feels so right…)

What chance peace?

When confusion reins,

endless maelstrom,

tuneless cacophony,


Everyday Sturm und Drang…

We hurt.

We hate.

We suffocate.