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Full of shit to overflowing,

just like everybody else.

But the voices and faces

“we” elevate,

are gifted obscene riches,

for their words,

to the herd,

and influential ways.

Alas, strange days.

People and morals perverted.





These things you do,

great effort and toil,

all a farce,


considering tomorrow

you will lie

under grass.




That’s history,

you realize,

as you flush it down the toilet.

All is history,

truth flies.




Is it a dream, a memory,

or a premonition?

There’s a tap at the door

(more so a hatch).

You grope in the darkness,

find the latch and open.

The flashlight shines in,

blinds you.

Yes, there is light,

but does it help you see?




I eat the jar of fine French pâté,

fully and completely,

decadent but necessary.

Depleted, I need energy.

I savor every bite.

I consider the best before date,

3 years hence,

and think of the Armageddon bunker

I theoretically may be stocking:

yes, Terrine de Caille,

avec Raisins.

Functional finery.

Yes, to life and taste, in all settings.




And so you make do with whatever peaceful moment you can grab.


No matter how banal.



Just wait!

It’s a hell of a way to live:

Waiting for the next catastrophe,

knowing it’s gotta be near.

Knowing your mediocre “idyll” won’t last.

Knowing a complication is coming,

fear, fear, fear!

Half-Life lessons.




Another day,

another pain.

Another week,

another bleak


visceral pain,

as you watch your life gurgle away

down a clogged

bathroom drain.

Blood and hair,

existential despair.




Post-book libraries.

Post-truth societies…

Fragmented relationships with ourselves and others,

hollow, virtual realities.




So, you switch on the TV

and watch the news, in French.

You understand some French,

the rest you give the benefit of the doubt,

the moving pictures help,

and you enjoy the in-depth, interesting,

intelligent coverage.

The TV channel changes.

Beyond your control…

More news, different language,

big let down.

Alas, English, you fully understand,

and you are depressed by the banality

of the reportage,

the idiocy of the story.



Governmental, societal stooges

wanna drag you into the shit.

Will you let them get away with it?




People do what they think they’re meant to,

survival and betterment,

exploitation is key.

Some lie, many die,

slavery and bondage,

peace merges into war.

Restricted and conscripted

people fight,

convinced in the rightness of ideas,

progress will later condemn as wrong.

Children mourn: they see the stupidity with foresight,

would that they could deviate

but resistance is futile,

coercion rules …

Children are tomorrow’s slaves,

if they are fortunate, Janissaries.