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Robot i Dev, USSR, 1967

The machine, perhaps, “thinks” it is being helpful.

But it is not. In reality it is complicating my lot,

so as to speak, it is messing up.

The machine’s “intelligence”, of course,

has been designed, manufactured and implanted by humans.

It is therefore, by definition, imperfect (as we all are).

It cannot possibly presume to “think” or act in the manner that any given inconsistent human may expect it to; always, mostly, or at any given time.

In short, we cannot rely on it to work as we need or want it to, when we most need or want it to.

And yet, we put our confidence in its allegedly clinical superiority. We put our lives in its hands.

No, it is probably not conspiring against me, or desiring (in itself) to take over the planet.

But, as wise people are wont to feel: trust no one, human, or machine.


(To be continued…)








Berlin, Trauung von Joseph und Magda Goebbels

Don’t look too closely,

or you’ll see pieces of yourself in that person you despise,

and/or pity.


and atrocities,

such is humanity.


(To be continued…)








Washington, 1772 (1)

Washington winces,

looking at state of nation,

heroically made.


(To be continued…)








Volga Barge Haulers_ Ilya Repin

I want to believe in a better future;

really, I do.

Past and present, alas,

tell me to be pessimistic.


(To be continued…)








Hole (Sky View)

When the closest thing to an expression of depth,

in a given society,

seems to be

the digging of a hole in the ground,

to mine rocks, ore, and dirty objects,

which will require much refining and polishing

to one day be shiny,

it speaks volumes.

Deep, indeed.


(To be continued…)








B-29 Enola Gay

Coffee and ham sandwiches,

on our way to a city,

about change history,

in ways unknown,

our flight drones.


(To be continued…)








Lake Baikal, Starry Night Sky

“Maestro,” he said mockingly, knowingly,

“Stars belong only in the sky,

far from human grasp.”


(To be continued…)








SS Cap Arcona, 1945.05.03

They say you can’t escape a bullet with your name on it,

so as to speak: fate, destiny.

I agree, in the sense that there are forces beyond us,

powers and abilities,

machines, militaries.

And, when in bloodlust they pursue you, defying logic and decency,

there’s not much one can do.


(To be continued…)








Vostok Kota


like the ghost of an oily cat,

rubbing itself against my window,

begging to be let in.


(To be continued…)








Children Of Hotel America

The anthropologist-ethnographer observes the couple on their wedding day. Between civil and religious ceremonies, they stop for Big Macs at McDonald’s. The anthropologist-ethnographer posits that the couple are making a declaration: they embrace modernity, capitalism, consumerism. Perhaps he’s right. Probably more likely, the couple are Lithuanians of a certain vintage, devoid of taste and pretense, hungry, they were attracted by the bright lights.


(To be continued…)