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Vino v Vannaya

Succumb, the heart says,

to spontaneous desire;

delay future pain.









One year follows another,

and I am painfully reminded,

amongst the whirlwind of confusion and bad memories

(everything seems to conspire against me,

against us),

and I am so sorry,

it truly stabs at my heart,

my beloved friend,

if only I could do more…

If only I could pave a way



the Book Cover Life.

If only I could break the stones

and mend the heartbreak,

change words, actions,

malevolence, perfidy,


things that should never have been.

Rest, reprise, reflect, regenerate, resurrect.

Hope in a savior beyond words, what else?

(And I pray and I believe.


sweet dreams to follow,

I see you front and center.

Book Cover Life,

where you deserve to be.)


Nice Pair.

Posted: 2015-09-05 in Book Cover Life.

“Ohhh, yeah, well, she’s got a nice pair on her,” he said, accent ocker, smirk spreading from his lips.

“Really, that’s the best you can come up with, the sum total of your reflective assessment?” she chastised him with her tone and an eyebrow raise, knowing it was as good as ignored and feeling the pain of her lost breath departing, futile words, wasted no doubt, here and now.

She could emasculate him with caustic wit, or offer to make him the father of her children, she could speak in the most foreign of unknown languages – he would, regardless, just nod, laugh and continue to gaze lustily at the screen. No doubt. Her question, about whether the starlet was simply a bad actor or if crappy script writing was to blame for making the prima donna look so stiff, would continue to go unanswered.

Why do women bother?

Why do people bother?

Sex? Lust? What’s it about? Banal TV shows.

“Actually, I think that masturbation is way more satisfying than any common as dirt, dirty as fuck, coupling act which can lead to procreation.”

He jolted his head around at speed.

Suddenly they were on the same page.

Sigh. Yes, I like the vibe and what it projects, I want that aspect of life in my reality. I wannabe like her, that model, in the nice setting, living what appears to be a nice life. I wannabe a piece of cardboard, or kind of plasticky paper (depending on the publisher). I wanna have the chance to live the way I see is possible, before I die. I wanna live and be immortalized. Oh, Lord, help me.