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Nuremberg Chronicle 2

It is a beautiful thing,

but it’s been tarnished…

Pollution, people, judgement.

It was a beautiful thing,

but I couldn’t protect it,

nor can I recreate it…

To flames then commit it.

(To be continued…)








TV_ No Signal

You think you *know*

but what you know is a version,

the vision & sound allowed to you

by those who control

the dissemination of information.

Be assured, whatever the topic,

it suits someone’s agenda.








1933.05.18 Heidelberg Univ Book Burning Glee


You may, or may not, have lost your virginity

at Bodensee …

It might have been your head.




Rich Mormons, Catholics and WASPs,


dream about Jews without money.

Nevertheless, in morality crusade,

self-righteous tirade,

they ban the book.




1933.05.10 Berlin Book Burning


Alas, not a copy of Peter Pan in sight.

(Knowledge is the lifeblood of my brain…)


wannabe Prussian scum,

terror reigns.

Inverting the Godly,

debauched, they deign:

ashes for beauty.