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Greed, money, power,

Trumps morality, descent,

lies and betrayal.


(To be continued…)








Drinking in Public, 1751

Gradually I feel my head getting cloudy.

I take another sip.

Dizzy, I sway.

Some would say I’m getting more and more

fucked up.

But in this state, I realize, there is clarity.

Less and less, your bullshit has effect.

More and more, I am me.








In between the lines,

there is angst and despair,

unmet expectations,


and simmering Cold Wars.




Get it while you can!

Avoid extortion plan.

Logic be screwed!

Exhaust resources,

before they exhaust you.

Those who can,


Those who can’t,


Endless cycle of life,

stuck in misery.




And so, I withdraw.

However much it hurts me,

it hurts you way more.




To the onlooker I was,

probably degraded

and definitely compromised.

So, what to do

but fantasize?

Remembering my old Izhmash

and picturing what I would do,

shot by shot to you.




He asked me go bottomless. After all, he said, men like all pussies and don’t judge them the same way they do tits, so what’s to fear? He wanted me to be in his new film, a wannabe college sorority hazing. I was to be the exchange student (again!).

In his wisdom, he reminded me that men are the opposite of women: bottomless men are judged by size, bottomless women are not. The complexities of that can of worms were lost on him.

What could I say? He was offering good money.