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And, the people, exhausted,

sat on their hands

and/or assumed whatever broken pose

felt appropriate,



sucked dry,

they had no more to give…





You watch the TV show,

much like the evening news:

in the name of engagement,

they lie.

In the name of pain relief,

you buy.





“Democracy’s a crock of shit!”

the guy on the street proclaimed.

Broken for others’ whims and totality,

he’d had enough of it.




Of course,

I would have the last laugh,

rationally and perversely,

I was able to reason right now.

When they ultimately broke me,

and I was finally willing to spill the beans,

I’d be such a mess,

that I’d have forgotten,

what they want to know.




It was the inconsistency that did it,

that sent me insane,


that’s what I’d tell him, her or them,

when finally they realized I was broken.