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Okno_ Sunshine

Dark day,

seeing my past and future fade away,

too much sunshine, too much glass,

hope disappears in brightness’ glare.

People betray, voices rip and stab,

darkness consumes,

I slip away.


(To be continued…)








Clouds (Ruthenium-106 article)

Fitfully, I drift in and out of consciousness.

Grasping for respite in the teeth of agony.

Meaning and reason dissolves

as I see him, briefly,

beautiful as ever, despite betrayal.

Pain overwhelms.

… Is this life,

or a fleeting memory?


(To be continued…)








Broken Machine

Gradually, everything stops working,

in ways we don’t immediately notice.

Tomorrow, or at the worst possible time,

we will feel its evil force.


(To be continued…)








Hole In Wall

That thing which I seemed to brush off yesterday,

haunts and taunts me today,

makes me less likely to…

Do anything tomorrow.


(To be continued…)








Vremya, broken

That thing which worked yesterday no longer seems to

(another thing to add to the list!).

It probably can be fixed, but it’ll cost,

and I’d have to know the right people.

Simultaneously, another set of demands assert primacy,

as always, like maniacal chirping birds, dementing,

and fatigue is overwhelming.

… I can only fight so many battles, right? …

Alas, much like Jurgis’ leaking roof, it’ll continue to mock:

another broken object, machine,

another piece of me.


(To be continued…)








Broken 3

Hopefully, by the time you read this

it is no longer contemporaneous;

the feeling, I pray, has passed,

and despairing misery

has become differently.


(To be continued…)








Broken Eggs 3

Always somebody is ready to point the finger,

attributing blame,

implying guilt,

demanding penance.

After so long, one can be driven to despair,

or, to apparent detachment.

Regardless of reason,

mud sticks and accusations sting.

Alas, again, I stand accused.

… What is done, cannot be undone.

Like broken eggs,



(To be continued…)








Broken 3

Seized with terror,

sickened inside,

as I’m reminded (yet again!)

of my isolation

and fragility,

in the face of constant struggle,

total futility.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…

I’m tired of fighting!


(To be continued…)








Kaspar Hauser 1

Wannabe, craving family,

will do whatever’s necessary …

At the end (and beginning) of the day,

we all need to be loved unconditionally.

Alas, so often this gets perverted,

sullied and torn,



(To be continued…)








Wonder Wm chloroformed & kidnapped

“Living the Dream”?

Where I thought I wanted to be,

but it’s not what it should have been.

It’s been bruised and spattered,

descrated and shattered.

People and situations, systems and forces

have intervened.

And it’s gone,

like a hazy morning dream

gets forgotten on waking.

Living the dream?

It’s a real nightmare!


(To be continued…)