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Nazi Mercedes

As the Sun rises and sets,

the Moon shines,

inspiring (when clouds consent).

Birds sing

and people do “their thing”.

Every day, increasing,

I lament

humanity’s bent.








Anarchist Black Cat

If you see advertizing,

please ignore:

it is not my doing.

It is a reflection of society,

an imposition,

an expression of greed

and exploitation.

It is an evil plot to distract you from

the potentiality of enlightenment.


s’il vous plait,

Да, да, Да!

und bitte schön…

tune in and zone out.





suka, dubai

I saw her on TV.

I should feel a connection

but, alas, it’s more pain.

Marginalized I remain.

She is from my country,

my city indeed,

but, in reality,

she is from another world.





experimented and demented,

every day another piece of me dies

as they advertise,

yet more shit…

the power of diversion,

perversion and aversion,

selling me yet more bondage.

Drained of life and hope,



knowing I’ll never have what

they tell me I need,

I want to die to this life.

Illness of modernity.




I don’t covet your life.

No, I loathe & despise

your hubris and shit.

I don’t want what you’ve got,

no, I want you to “get yours”,

ipso facto:

nothing and woe.




You call me a failure

as I wait passively,


waiting for the “go-getters”

to implode.

The preponderant



nature of society

is a crock

destined to fail.




RFERL Transmitters, Biblis, De, 2007


As the self-appointed “leader of the free world”,

you allow yourself certain liberties,

lies and perversions,

to serve what you call the greater good.

The “free market” decides,



the direction of today’s morality.

In dollars and hubris you trust.




City Of London School For Girls


Outside is unlikable,

so I stay in the hotel.

For a time,

I watch the amount of television I can bear.

The commercials are a killer:

(im)morality lessons from frozen French-Fry companies,

and legal loan sharks proudly promoting usury as a viable option.

Then there’s the news:

you can have anything, if you pay,

even an education.

Lies, manipulation and exploitation.

It gets to the point where I can’t take anymore,

The noise, the clanging, the shit.

I turn the TV off, throw the remote control out the window,

and brave the streets myself.

Welcome to hell.






life draining.


You do it because they pay you.

And in the current economic climate

you’re lucky to have a job, right?

So they say.

Thus they manipulate.

From childhood they’ve conditioned us

to do what’s best for the system.

They use, abuse and delude us.

Perpetual prostitutes,

morally destitute.


we sneer at sex workers,


just like us,

everything’s corrupt.




“It’s OK,”

idiotically, we say,

“I’m used to people lying.”

Each and every day.

The scumbags seem to have won.

They see us as doormats.

The costs go up.

We are screwed.

More and more.




Something’s got to give.

Rusty spring’s hurting.

Come, the breaking point!

Anger and system uncoil,

selfishness overturn.

Come, the revolution!








liberty can breathe.