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The government wants to execute you!

But their heart isn’t in it,


otherwise it would already be done.

The pretence of justice,

trial and jury,

would be dispensed,

abiding by convictions,

the system would do as expected,

and you would be shot.

But instead you are hung

and left hanging,

in limbo,

in hell.

Often, you wish they would shoot you,

like a dog,

just get it over with,

but society cares more about dogs

than people.

Uncertain fate,

neverending circle of hate.

Inside, torment

is never dormant.

Yes, they have decided to torture you

in the way that only life and living

can do.

The government wants you

to execute yourself.





She tells me,

her husband earns shit-loads of money,

like I should be impressed,


I tell her,

society doesn’t reward people appropriately,


as I bandage her wounds.




The hate didn’t come from nowhere.

The atrocity didn’t start with one crime.

Kaunas, 1921: Saul pulled a fast one on Vitas.

Kaunas, 1941: Vitas’ son, crowbar heave-ho,

smashed Saul’s daughter’s skull,

naked, she fell,

the crowd cheered.

The dreaded Bolsheviks were Jews,

guilt by rationalization,

propaganda and association,

after all.

Bullshit, Communist, Capitalist, Conspiratorial, Cosmopolitan Jews.

Dirt poor and filthy rich all at once.

Oppressed overlords.

If there isn’t at least one who’s pissed you off, you’ve been living under a rock.

Easy target… but they’re just the start!

1905 begat 1917.

1917 begat 1932.

1918 begat 1939.

1945 begat 1956, 1968.


And on.

Pain and hurt.

And on.

Perverted, keenly-felt, stabbing memories.

Circle of unreported hate.

War, and crimes of humanity

we feel compelled to perpetuate.