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Flower Blows, Hope_

As is natural among the desperate

(which is to say, most of us),

she reads too much into the other’s gesture.

Hope springs, somewhat eternal,

beyond inevitable;

we don’t *truly* want to believe infernal.


(To be continued…)








Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, 2012

Agony manifests

in myriad ways:

life of variety,

such fulfillment,

toxic, deadly.

Endless cycle.


(To be continued…)









It’s a bad design. The kind of thing that makes one wish for a simple, old rotary dial phone.

The answering machine. To listen again to the newest message, he has to sift through the old ones. For him, this is a definite stumbling block. Reminders of all those past chances and disappointments, promises and lies. Snippets of voices long-since gone, people who never properly said goodbye.

But the here and now obliges him to dredge through this past, he needs to confirm the number she left.

Wryly he smiles: reminded that the past, given a chance by the present, always threatens the future.

Tonight he will be haunted.


(To be continued…)









Whirlwind idyll.

Incongruous, cacophony,

somehow melodic and fitting,

it soothes my transplanted soul

(suppressing feelings of being but not belonging).

Tonight I surrender to the pulsating release,

and sing: “Lemberg, L’vov, L’viv,

let’s get married!”


(To be continued…)








satan sowing seeds

You, me,


do everything we can,

constantly try to do the right thing,

and yet,

time after time,

we get pissed upon.

The system, or some minion tool,

always seems to have a taste and need

for blood.

“What a wonderful world.”


(To be continued…)








Rouget de Lisle

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize,

liberty, egality and fraternity

were reserved for “citizens”.

Alas, bourgeois nationalism,

and warmongering paternalism,

is not in my blood.

Who, I ask, is impure?


(To be continued…)








O du armer Judas, was hast du getan_

Love and good intentions,

misunderstood, rejected,

becomes bitterness and strife.

… Perpetual misery,

what chance, withered fig tree?


(To be continued…)








Drain 2

I don’t make plans any more,

my life and time is overwhelmed,

waiting for the next problem to manifest.


(To be continued…)








Viewing Malevich's Black Square

I’m tired, so fundamentally tired,

disgusted by life in the Fallen World.

Complicated and violated,

exploited constantly,

meaning and purpose get lost.

In darkness,

I fall down.


(To be continued…)








Smolny, 1889

Yesterday, they sent me to an Institute For Noble Maidens.

Today, they send me to prison.

Tomorrow, to the lunatic asylum.


(To be continued…)