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It is either extremely beautiful,

or decayed and squalid,

in this light, it is hard to tell.

Shadows dance on the walls,

ornate and cared for,

forgotten relic,

passion dictates,

eyes deceive.





Katyusha 2

“He was just a boy,

everything and nothing to live for!”

Katyusha screamed,

justice and revenge.

Hubris and murderous invasion,


hunger, decay, disintegration.

Interesting now,

how Aryan warriors

look so similar to the Jews and Slavs

they so despised and slaughtered





Disappointed and disenchanted,

I realize, the only people

*not* on my shit list

are dead.




TV_ Lost Signal

Denigrated & bombarded,

compromised & demented,

fucked over, time and again,

drowned in your vomit,

I’ve had it!

Enough’s enough…

Reckoning day.




Controlled chaos.

… They have the hubris

to call it thus …




When I think ill of Chinese avarice,

mercantilist spirit,

capitalist tendency,

the will to gain…

I try to remember the One Child Policy,

and, wow,

humbled I remain.




I reflect, instantly,



and overwhelmingly aware,

all too aware,

I shake my throbbing head

(it doesn’t help):

such pressure,

over such a shitty banality,

minutes and hours of life



day after day,

out of control,

rabbit hole,

frog spawn,

maggot salad,

horse meat,

human flesh,

wasps’ nest,

crumbling mess…

the garbage may

or may not

be collected.

Triviality sucks.




Today, they convert you

to their perverted way of thinking,



and delighting certain tendencies.

(Clever, addictive storylines on your TV & computer screen…)

They inhabit and take over,

your soul and being,

leaving no space or desire

for resistance.

(Indeed, I wonder which evil was worse, and how:

then or now…)




Yesterday, they occupied you physically,


and made you pay, as they saw it, for the “privilege”.

The Nazis were a diabolical force.

Today, they occupy you mentally,



and make you pay, as they see it, for the “privilege”.

Nazis live, in government and media,

dictatorship by stealth,

democratic and liberal cloak.




Pavlov's Dogs


You, me, we…

The powers that be manipulate,

we salivate,

yesterday, tomorrow,

every day,

fashionable agendas set,

targets met,

they screw us for all we’ve got

(and then some more!).

Lies, promises, delusions,

bogus stimuli,

whatever it takes

to violate

and desecrate



Unable to help ourselves,

we lose control,

our minds are putty.

… Suggestible,



… They rape us at will.

Pavlov’s dogs.