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J Edgar Hoover 2

Told what’s right and wrong.

Simplistic, jingoistic.

American, sure.

(To be continued…)








When I think ill of Chinese avarice,

mercantilist spirit,

capitalist tendency,

the will to gain…

I try to remember the One Child Policy,

and, wow,

humbled I remain.




In an ideal world…

Selfish, overly human religions will die,

buried like Pharaohs with all their wealth,

cats and servants.

Those beliefs and convictions which aspire

beyond the self-centered,


will live and endure.

(We can hope!)

And the world we be a better place.




It’s so expensive.

You have to have a really good reason to travel (to the country).

It’s so complicated.

You have to visit the embassy beforehand, have an interview, fill in ridiculous paperwork and answer infinite intimate questions.

Just to get an entry Visa,

which only allows you to stay but a few days…

An expensive taste,

then you must leave,

indigestion in your guts,

half-eaten meal left on your plate,

kicked out,

it leaves a sour taste in your mouth…

All that for this?

All this for that?

In this day of internet & online exposure,

why would I haul ass personally?


Sad loss.

Yours and mine.

Creative, adventurous instinct stymied.

Spontaneous writer’s urge curtailed.

Endless possibilities thwarted,

by tit-for-tat bullshit policies.

Whichever side you’re on,

it’s increasingly difficult to visit,

to venture, to the other.

Unless you’re rich, then there are ways,

a smoother path, dignity and greeting,

maybe even a welcome lei.

Alas, wasn’t it always that way?

Restricted access.

Of course, it suits the powers that be,

on both sides:

suppress the masses,

enforce the classes.

Reinforce the barriers to mutual understanding.

Destruct hope and the possibility of friendship.

Justify immense defense expenditure.

Only allow the flow of capital

and rich, important people of influence,

like arms dealers and mafia types.

Destroy hope.

Destroy possibilities.

Cover with sand, try to obscure the fact


we don’t have to be enemies.


There was a time of hope,

when I believed

that I was

a citizen of the world –

pretentious as it may sound,

it was a valid claim.

Borders were disappearing,

we could travel,

we used a common currency (Dollars)

we wanted to understand others,

experience other ways of being

other ways of seeing.

We wanted to be… Just be… All one, embracing differences.




It was chaotic, imperfect and beautiful all at once (if you passed through Budapest in these golden years, you know what I mean).

And gradually it ended (as if it had never really started – just something we had dreamed…),

geopolitical realities tilted and demanded adjustment,

borders reaffirmed,

attitudes hardened.

And it became clear that people really only like their “own kind” and their own ways.

And, have you seen the cost and complexity of even getting an entry Visa these days?

It’s like they don’t want you to visit, let alone to understand, or be,

Citizen of the world.