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Led Zeppelin (Rus)

Feeling pained result,

not understanding process:

record skips, repeats.


(To be continued…)








Red, Glass Shattered, Broken

The inevitability of attempted witty comments

about inevitable events

makes me want to cry.


(To be continued…)








Pioneer Plaque Humans

To speak, is to be misunderstood,

more or less, by somebody,

family, friend, enemy,

every day.


(To be continued…)








JF Bazille, Étude de nu

Misspoken, or misunderstood.

Your language, or mine,

all words matter, depending on how they’re taken.

Standing with phrasebook, desperately searching for something adequate to convey emotion and feeling.

Tired, so tired.

Time to lie down.


(To be continued…)









I’ve seen enough,

experienced too much,

my mind is fucked,

time to unplug.

(To be continued…)








Woman sleeping


In my dream,

he kissed me passionately,

told me I was beautiful.

He licked my neck and said:

“I wanna fuck your brains out!”

… And other terms of endearment,

such I dream.




Confronted with an unexpected, inane, remark,

I reply equally stupidly.

Such is dialog,

communication today.




S/he talks a little,

detached, perfunctory,

I reply sufficiently

(no more).

I have no desire for a thaw,

I still hurt,

my wounds are open,

bleeding, …




I say: Filateliya…

I want to show you some of my collection,

history and appreciation,

some kind of essence,


I’m reaching out.

You think I say: Philadelphia…

and you walk away.




Something beautiful,

or at least I thought it was,

and/or wanted it to be.

Now tarnished,

sullied with hurt and pain.

Communication breakdown.