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Led Zeppelin (Rus)

Feeling pained result,

not understanding process:

record skips, repeats.


(To be continued…)








Broken Eggs 3

Always somebody is ready to point the finger,

attributing blame,

implying guilt,

demanding penance.

After so long, one can be driven to despair,

or, to apparent detachment.

Regardless of reason,

mud sticks and accusations sting.

Alas, again, I stand accused.

… What is done, cannot be undone.

Like broken eggs,



(To be continued…)








Żyd wieczny tułacz

The decadence of everyday existence.

Horrors of war and banality.

Every day tragedy

(to which we are consigned) …








Moskva Demolition 1


Change is good,

change is awesome,

when it is for the better.


it seems to be the human tendency

to embrace negative change,

the kind that makes things worse,

the kind that complicates

and screws people up,

destroying hopes and aspirations.

Such change is often chosen for us

by the powers that be,

or we are convinced to “choose” it ourselves

by trend-setters,

society shapers,

captains of industry.

Democracy and other conspiracies

to keep us down.

Change is good,

when it is good,

but *those* changes are rarely embraced.

Instead, we cherish the worst aspects of the present

and pile on bad changes,

disingenuously called “progress”.

To be human is to suffer.





Warsaw Ghetto


Stupidly grinning,

we slide into oblivion.


mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers,

civilization’s daughters and sons,





They Push Me So Far… They Drive Me To The Edge, And Over…

Self-inflicted wounds,

they ruled.

Their decision on me,


before and after the fact.