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Berlin, FKK-Anhängerin am Langen See

Life beautiful


The Fall.








Birgit Meineke, Daniela Übel


Hope evaporates

like yesterday’s tears of joy

besmirched by those who do not want to understand.

A trace of salt is all that remains.





Musing on the nature of freedom and progress,

time and changes,

peace and prosperity,

he looks at the old washing machine his neighbors

in East Germany gave him,

a goodbye and goodwill present:

strange to you in hindsight,

ardent in intent.

Alas, dirt sticks.

Time and changes,

different system,

different connections,


like a headache:

the machine spins but doesn’t wash.




Democracy, an illusion, a façade,

always lurking, another royal family,

another dynasty,

another perverter of the good and proper…

Democracy, elects tomorrow’s dictator…

Deluded hollow euphoria,

Heads, you win,

you get Pervitin.




Hitler said that if you wanted a certain job done

you had to get the Latvians involved.

He spoke (it’s recorded)

in condescending tones

about how they would do the things

no one else could do,

implying the Latvians were scum,

more or less,

from an obvious analysis.

But really, with wisdom applied,

between the printed lines,

it’s apparent,

Hitler feared the Latvians.


And now, we forget…

Decadent deference,

histories swallowed,

and lost dichotomies of self-defence.


They look so happy

in the old photographs.

Life was good,

life was fun,


They look so beautiful,


and sweet,

in the old photographs,

historically important,

preserved for posterity,


black and white,

gray and sepia.

Who knows

what they were really thinking?


they look so happy

and beautiful,

in the old photographs,

frozen in a moment,

time long gone,


they look so dead.


Her name was Arina.

She asked me if DDR meant

Deutsche Demokratische Republik


Das Dritte Reich.

“Hmmmm…” I said out loud,

“Since Königsberg became Kaliningrad,

is there any difference?”

At that point I felt a chill,

a whisper from the past,

a memory of intense cruelty,

of wanting to do unto others

as they have done unto you.

Sometimes wishful thinking,

sometimes real,

sometimes you don’t really want to,

but an order’s an order and,

when the Barrier Troops are behind you,

you do what you have to do.

I felt another chill,

looked down

and saw blood on the floor,

it was me,


such vivid red…


You don’t get it,

even now,

with all the “wisdom” of time and exposure.

Sometimes there is no definite answer,

North or South of the Equator.

Not everyone in the system is guilty,

but is any human ever truly innocent?

We took vitamins and supplements,

just like today’s heroes,

we did as we were coached and advised,

but the world needs a scapegoat,

we were thus vilified.

No contemporary law was broken,

still, we stand accused

and convicted in retrospect.

Compare the overweight,



of American Football,

who generally did it gladly

and knowingly.

If you know what I mean,

you may understand.



sacrificial lamb.


I struggle through the days,

to get to the nights,

so that I can drink beer,

get naked,

get… well, I’m always introspective,

and justifiably sleep.

Desperate attempt to find


numb bliss.

Such is life these days,

for as long as I remember,

I need to escape the bondage of society.


It is time, as they say in the classics,

to let my girls go free.


Till und ich.

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Till Lindemann was a basket weaver.

I was a politician’s assistant,


key employee.

Now I am unemployable.