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Trusiki, Dollars, Sale

They seem to think that bombarding me with consumerist, commercial gimmicks, “must haves” and “right nows” will increase their relevance; make me relent, to “buy” their thinking and ways.

They are wrong.

Every day I am more and more detached,


… Walk away.


(To be continued…)








Pinochet & Friends

Nothing seems to motivate people

(and evil)

quite like the prospect of wealth

and power.

Treason against self and collective,

“better angels” left to piss in wind.








Rebecca, Big Brother De

In modern liberal democracy

(as much as in oligarchy),

they who control the levers

of the mass media,

control the people.

Hearts, urges, ideas.








Black Square, Grunge Frame


eviscerated, complicated, violated,

overwhelmed by stimuli,

need peace,

shut eyes.








Lewis Hamilton, Mudak

It’s the selfish,


greedy, manipulative,



driven to humiliate,

(apparently instinctive),

nature of humanity

and society

that makes me believe

there is no hope.

I want and need

to escape!









He wore a $670,000 wristwatch.

I’m amazed that’s even possible.

Certainly it’s immoral

that such things exist.




Ah, the 1913-14 Tango Craze,


I remember those days.

For those who could,

decadent dreams of uninhibited consumption…

Tango dance, Tango chocolate, Tango underwear.

Meanwhile workers and peasants are squeezed to death,

and our hero’s mother dies of consumption


In so many ways,

Art imitates life


like a dog to vomit,

the sick society eats itself.