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Black Square

In a dark room, there is peace,

no mirror to reflect in superficially,

no window to see or hear others through.

In a dark room, in quietude,

without external distraction

without sensory stimulation

and base manipulation,

left alone,

there is freedom to be deep,

to detachedly think,

to commune with my soul.

In solitary confinement,

my captors assume I will angrily stew

and tear myself apart,

but they are wrong:

In solitary confinement,

I rejoice!


(To be continued…)









I dream, out of nowhere,

my neighbor has a huge sailing ship

parked in the communal area.

… I loathe my neighbor,

but he acts like this scene is normal,

coming over to me,

suddenly talking as if we are friends.

… What does it mean?


(To be continued…)