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Lenin’s falling

and so am I,

toppled, crushed and pounded.

The gravity of imposed


is oppressive.

… The people on the bus with me,

I must add,



are trash!





The word on the street?

Crude and banal propaganda.




Government Committee,

tragic comedy…

Farce, pretence and larceny…

Time and lives wasted,

sucked dry.





Slough of despondency,

my sensitive soul mourns:

liberal society,

apex depravity.





In the land of liberty,

of course you are free,

to live in poverty,

… moral bankruptcy.





Happy Independence Day!

Six nights ago, and always…

M16s like candy,

agree or die.

El Presidente is our resident

patriotic rodent

(your oppressor,

our puppet dictator),

obedient to the true ruling classes,

backroom guys,

money gods,

sacred capitalist dogma.

Welcome, motherfuckers, to the land of the free,

coming to your country,

opening a factory,

giving you jobs,


putting you to work,


Put down your AK-47s, too easy to use,

too enabling,

and listen to us

we’ll complicate your lives,

make things interesting,

give you everything you didn’t know you needed,





Drink the kool-aid child and dream,

of freedom,

to buy hollow commodities,

with cocaine-laced dollars,

hell, yeah,

those bastards keep the economy going,

you in the gutter,

*our* dreams, riches and power intact.

Happy Interdependence Day, in deed and fact.





Fuck you and your election (!)

your protest march,

your commentary.

“Progressive”, “conservative”,

exploiters and oppressors all!

Fuck your democracy,

function and form,

your hollow ideas of society,

the machinery,

benefiting the few,

screwing the masses,

deluding and coercing,

sucking dry.

Let me be,


Peace and sanity.

Deal with the weather.

Forecast history.





The politician decided to tell the truth,

once more,

living dangerously.


Life and death insurance,

funeral plans, slavery…

The commodification of everything,

suits the government, totally.

Tax payable and jobs created,

we thrive on your misery!





The politician decided to be honest,

to open herself up.

Of course, democracy will punish her…

Public opinion. Popularity contest.

Tabloid reporting. High-brow sneering.

Kompromat? … Yes, please!

“Entertainment”, baloney, titillating feel,

people don’t want “real”.





I’m not looking for hollow adulations,

but tacit acknowledgement and appreciation,

that I am doing what I can

in this (shit storm) situation.