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Moskva Demolition 1


Change is good,

change is awesome,

when it is for the better.


it seems to be the human tendency

to embrace negative change,

the kind that makes things worse,

the kind that complicates

and screws people up,

destroying hopes and aspirations.

Such change is often chosen for us

by the powers that be,

or we are convinced to “choose” it ourselves

by trend-setters,

society shapers,

captains of industry.

Democracy and other conspiracies

to keep us down.

Change is good,

when it is good,

but *those* changes are rarely embraced.

Instead, we cherish the worst aspects of the present

and pile on bad changes,

disingenuously called “progress”.

To be human is to suffer.






The newspaper’s full of lies,

sad surprise,

pretend integrity,

John Bull(shit),

bulwark of democracy,

deluding the masses

and buying

election victories

for the controlling classes,

puppet masters,

since the days of yore


forever more.




Visit the newsroom,

if you dare.

For some it’s a vibrant place,

information, process, disseminate, fast-pace.

For me it’s depressing,

an overload of noise and soundbites,

mostly meaningless shit.

The editors push,

the journalists (they don’t have time or freewill to properly think)

churn out crap,

factoids and innuendos,

the readers are ready to be fed.

Welcome to the Times, New York, London,

the Sun rises and falls, Daily News, Daily Mail,

hearts fail.

Welcome to democracy’s bulwark.

Welcome to lies and fear.




“Populists!” the Liberals sneer,

but… isn’t that Democracy?




Yesterday, they occupied you physically,


and made you pay, as they saw it, for the “privilege”.

The Nazis were a diabolical force.

Today, they occupy you mentally,



and make you pay, as they see it, for the “privilege”.

Nazis live, in government and media,

dictatorship by stealth,

democratic and liberal cloak.





A filthy game of pretence,

power politics,

bogus mandates,


Democracy’s a lie,

a myth.

The Westerners ask self-righteously

if Russia’s capable of developing democracy.

(“I hope not!” sincerely I reply)




The re-invention of history

is allowed to proceed

at full throttle.

American exceptionalism

and British imperialism

in hindsight,

won every war,

saved the day

and built democracy,



in every corner of the world

since antiquity.

The re-invention of history continues,

desecration of the dead,

it degrades and debases the living.


it is the luxury of the free

to blaspheme,

to lie,

to enslave

body, soul and mind.




Of course,

she wants freedom,

it’s normal to aspire to such a dream.

She hikes west over mountains,

and through the forests and meadows of Tirol,


But what does society ever actually allow?

Money in exchange for your labor (and soul).

Repression to add to your depression.

Regulation, restriction, constriction,

and not even the freedom to shit

when you want and/or need.

Meanwhile, in prison…




Democracy is about choices,

so they say.


if I could see the end result,

what would I choose,

and would it make any difference

if everyone else voted otherwise?

New York City,

fallen from high

splattered on a sidewalk.

Or Petersburg,

seats behind the SKA bench.

Pretence and manipulation.

Grafting and grifting into another day…

Or death.

In Lithuania, it has been said,

suicide is and/or was a national sport.

What does it mean to be alive

and/or dead?

Now or then?

Empires explode and implode.

Individuals expire…



Perhaps this is an unfinished,

unsatisfying saga.




So, this is what freedom tastes like?


The freedom to choose (albeit with little chance of getting what you actually want)…

In the midst of a Moonless night,

a half-frozen Bockwurst,

you bite and chew,

fatty and vaguely smoked tasting,

mass-produced, soul-less

… West German wannabe Kolbasa.


this is not what I signed up for.