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Flower Blows, Hope_

As is natural among the desperate

(which is to say, most of us),

she reads too much into the other’s gesture.

Hope springs, somewhat eternal,

beyond inevitable;

we don’t *truly* want to believe infernal.


(To be continued…)








Hole In Wall

That thing which I seemed to brush off yesterday,

haunts and taunts me today,

makes me less likely to…

Do anything tomorrow.


(To be continued…)








Chandra Crab

I’ve said it before, or something similar:

To speak is to be misunderstood.

And yet, humanity continues in its futility,

attempting to communicate,

with people either unable or unwilling to understand.

In our conceit, we believe that other people want to know and/or care.

And so we speak. Words. Deep and meaningful. A piece of soul, blowing in the wind. Words. Disappearing, soon to be forgotten, another banality will steal slender attention.

Every word, as a breath lost, given up to a relentless fire …

Gone, ultimately we tire,

oxygen starvation,

silence embrace.

Death. (or is this peace true life?)


(To be continued…)








St Nikolai ROC, Eklutna, Alaska

There’s a certain sadness,

when you realize,

that you’ve missed the boat.

And a different kind of sorrow,

when you acknowledge,

you never actually wanted to be on said boat.

Alas, the futility of life,

as constructed and manipulated

by the system,

things, like “king and country”,

embraced by majority,

cannon fodder, time and again,


lives blasphemed,

yesterday’s ardor and reason,

as whispers, long forgotten.


(To be continued…)








Fetal Position 1

Apocalypse came.

While some felt compelled to believe in and prepare for a better tomorrow,

I, consumed by pain, could only stagger, fall.


(To be continued…)








Voda, temnota, puzyr'ki vozdukha

Yesterday’s shit, seems appealing today.

… I didn’t believe things could get worse,

that I could miss such misery.

… Downward vortex, dizzying indeed,

where will it lead?

Tomorrow, I fear.


(To be continued…)








Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, 2012

Agony manifests

in myriad ways:

life of variety,

such fulfillment,

toxic, deadly.

Endless cycle.


(To be continued…)








Polski Rabochiye_ Kolbasy, Chicago, 1905

The bosses, or their minions, are lurking,

always lurking,

watching, waiting

for your mistake.

They have ascended the ladder sufficiently,

to be immune to decency, morality,

and they will not bear any excuse,

as they turn the screws,

demanding more and more


draining your blood,

turning dreams to screams,

watching, waiting,

and, ultimately,

using every part of your fallen carcass

for sausages.


(To be continued…)








Black Hole

Panic and disease,

this, “the normal” they sneer.

Fear, chaos; progress?


(To be continued…)








Broken 3

Hopefully, by the time you read this

it is no longer contemporaneous;

the feeling, I pray, has passed,

and despairing misery

has become differently.


(To be continued…)