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Meditation, Sunset, Beach, Naked

Another time, another place,

maybe I’d fight, “save face”.

But today, tonight, I don’t care.



(To be continued…)








Vino 2

Puissant, in a perverted sense,

tormenting my being and essence.

Self-centered, supercilious, bloated, loathsome enemy;

daily presence, such stress is deadly.

Regardless, in peaceful times, when my mind is able,

I do what I can to detach.

And tonight, henceforth, as far as I’m concerned,

that pissant doesn’t exist.


(To be continued…)









Less than two years ago, they knew me,

now, I’d been forgotten, apparently.

Actually, I’m glad I haven’t been recognized.

Both then and now, I was and am

an outsider,

separate but here,

with these kids,

together but apart.

Shared experience, but not identity.

I prepare myself for the coming exam.

I hear one ask another: “Who’s that?”

Then: “I don’t know, the anonymous one.”

I smile within myself: How far I have come!