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Allegory of Fame_ Artemiziya Dzhentileski

Listless, fatigued, drained.

Just enough energy remains

to be distracted by a banality,

and, in turn, repulsed.


(To be continued…)








Dzhentileski_ Melankholiya

When the dream ended;

sweat-soaked, gutted, offended;

couldn’t rouse, move on.


(To be continued…)










News, views, blog posts,


rarely deep, occasionally meaningful,

usually shallow, repetitive,


jarring, arrhythmic,

typically predictable,

always, alas, enthusiastic.

So tiring to be around.

I need to be alone.


(To be continued…)








Drain 2

We’re all waiting to see the film that will change our lives (for the better).

… Inspirational, enlightening, life-affirming.

Still waiting and tired,

yet hopeful,

we’re inclined to watch trash (for time being).

Alas, increasingly, dulled, it seems,

our expectations lower, we relent,

accepting more and more shit.

… Entertainment?


(To be continued…)








Drain 2

Mindlessly, we act and do,

variously, filling our days.

We fill

and we feel empty.

Meaninglessness drains,

ultimately kills.

(To be continued…)








Drain 1

Cycle of humanity,

circling, swirling,

clockwise and anti,

every day …

further down drain.

(To be continued…)








Ge-Rus Road Closed, Snow

I’m functional, determinedly.

But gradually, and suddenly

I hit the wall,

so as to say,

I crash,

maybe avalanche.











I haul my ass to bed,

content, at least,

I am another step closer

to enlightenment.




Musing on the nature of freedom and progress,

time and changes,

peace and prosperity,

he looks at the old washing machine his neighbors

in East Germany gave him,

a goodbye and goodwill present:

strange to you in hindsight,

ardent in intent.

Alas, dirt sticks.

Time and changes,

different system,

different connections,


like a headache:

the machine spins but doesn’t wash.




I’m not your wannabe Lenin

in Shushenskoye,

or elsewhere.


don’t bring me your problems.