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Dead Flowers (2)

Another day,

another “holiday”,

another political, money-making opportunity.

Somebody gains

from flowers and captivity.

… Cynicism reigns.


(To be continued…)








Yes, I know it could be said that I’m “spinning my wheels”, so as to say. I feel it too, and it is most frustrating. Confusing fragments, life, death, memories, and strands of in/sanity. Soon though, I’ve got to believe, something will click, in a good way, and things will come together. Yes, believe.


Posted: 2016-04-30 in Esther, Fucked-Up Families

I am consoled with the fact that I am still standing,


and that my enemies have heaped scorn and shit upon themselves.

(Verily, my worst day is better than their best!)

By Christ Jesus, I am freed from a millstone most heinous:

good riddance, good bye “family”.

Tired and Tried.

Posted: 2016-04-30 in Esther, Fucked-Up Families


Even my memories are jaded.


Shaded by disappointment, lies, betrayal, hatred.

I gave all I could, and more than I should.

Family, really?

If my past was false, a big deception,

then what is my present, besides,




Posted: 2015-08-04 in Esther, Thoughts For The Day

There she goes, you just didn’t realize it. Your destiny partner, the other half of your broken heart, she just cycled past you. You, walking on the trail, focussed on yesterday, just missed tomorrow. You didn’t play your part, dolt, you missed the lightning bolt of opportunity. If only you’d realized… You were meant to stumble in front of her and cause her to stop, abuse you with an exclamation, apologize, get to talking, make a connection, feel a connection, gaze into each other’s souls, fall in love, and so on. But no, alas, the chance passed. Life passed by, just like every other day.

Radioactive isotopes have a half-life, calculable. You live a half-life, incalculable.