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Die Unehelichen 2

She asked me about Summer vacation: places, prospects, possibilities.

“Next Summer?” I replied,

“If I want to go anywhere, it’s back in time!”


(To be continued…)








Charles the Bald 1b

Charles the Bald (not to be confused with Charles the Bold),

may or may not have actually been bald (depending upon what is meant by bald).

This year, if you want to give me a present, so as to say,

don’t give me anything new,

s’il vous plaît.

The past is quite enough to deal with.


(To be continued…)








R Pipes 2

Well, let’s do our best tomorrow.

Like, c’est la vie, we can’t change history.

But, alas, the historian can.


(To be continued…)









Protest re Demolition 2

(To the detractors and fashionable manipulators of history…)

You disgusting piece of shit!

Tell yourself the lie, if it helps you sleep at night.

Broadcast it in TV programs,

propagate your version of history

into “reality”.

And, furthermore, lie.

While I climb Sverdlovsk TV Tower

and, seeking truth,









Nazi Maedchen Suki

The megalomaniac is a democrat,

he/she/it wants to fuck as many lives

as will choose to be seduced.









Fellow traveler

got lost somewhere along the way.





More than anything,

I “just” wanted the world

to be

a better place.




Remembrance Day, they say, piously,

thankful, pretentiously,

that all is quiet on the Western Front.

The soldier reflects and sighs,

remembering history,

and what followed victory

in the “War To End All Wars”…

Some things are better forgotten.




HMVS Cerberus, Musket Drills

So far, distant and perverse,

hysteria perverts.

Despite oceans of salt and bitterness,

cretins cling to loyalties, hatreds inbred.

Goodness, we never had,

the old days were just as bad.




Birgit Meineke, Daniela Übel


Hope evaporates

like yesterday’s tears of joy

besmirched by those who do not want to understand.

A trace of salt is all that remains.







Samantha Smith said

“They’re just like us.”

And we’re just like them.


I was hoping for something better.