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Green Ukraine


Green Ukraine,

there’s a story there,

but it’s probably not what you think.

Recycling, so as to speak,


history, people, land,

all apparently cheap.

Dreams of freedom,

distant east,

realities of time and place,

mosquitoes, blood,

expensive ideas.

Alas, Green Ukraine.





Torpedoangriff mit Heinkel He111


In hopelessness’ bitter embrace

you cling to

the last raft out of


Perhaps you will return one day,

more likely you will sink,

your name forgotten.

Black, and gone.

This is life, 1942,

for this, you were born?




1933.05.18 Heidelberg Univ Book Burning Glee


You may, or may not, have lost your virginity

at Bodensee …

It might have been your head.




Men are excited,

chance to be children again…

War: feed king’s ego.




Berliner Mauer


“It was amazing going to West Berlin,”

Mr One-Hit-Wonder

says to camera:

“An outpost of civilization.”

The washed-up, mediocre musician

muses, remembering a time when

he was so full of drugs that

he can’t remember anything

other than clichés

and baloney,

about how East Berlin was a boring, gray

Communist nightmare,

occupied by Russian savages,

suppressing freedom-loving Germans.

While the West was a cacophony

of vivid, vibrant, life and


Of course, he is British.




They needed more slave labor,

so they arrested me on a baloney charge

and sent me to prison,

Gulag, let’s say such.

They needed more slave labor,

so they gave you an interview,

made you jump through the hoops of an application,

made you feel that you earned their approval,

and they gave you a job.

Now we are equals.




Ah, the 1913-14 Tango Craze,


I remember those days.

For those who could,

decadent dreams of uninhibited consumption…

Tango dance, Tango chocolate, Tango underwear.

Meanwhile workers and peasants are squeezed to death,

and our hero’s mother dies of consumption


In so many ways,

Art imitates life


like a dog to vomit,

the sick society eats itself.





O’ the unrecorded disappointments of history!

The hidden resentments,



personal tragedies.

Big, small, in between.

… O’ what could have been,

wondrous and mighty,

had things gone our way!




10 Kopek Coins (1930s & 40s)


If it’s meaningful to you,

it *is* invaluable,

carry it forward

heart and soul,


The opinion of others

is worthless…

(worth less, indeed,

10 Kopeks!)




Gorbachev and Yeltsin,

enemies of each other,

and everyone else.

Delusions and despair,

lies, carnage,

murder, grand larceny,

immoral disintegration…

But it’s OK, we have freedom!

And we can vote.

Like wolves,

teeth tear out our throats.