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That’s the sound of freedom, right there, said the preacher,

full of hubris and pride, pointing skyward at the fighter jet,

breaking the sound barrier, making the air shudder,

shattering the peace.

Indeed, that’s the sound of military-imposed “freedom”, I reply,

from a godless system, on high.

Happy Birthday,

to me, you and





Slough of despondency,

my sensitive soul mourns:

liberal society,

apex depravity.




They cornered me in the cafeteria:

the exchange student stood accused, a Stalinist stooge.

Insults flew, visceral anger,

I feared a tar-and-feathering.

Calmly, I repeated my statement of fact:

Unlike the USA, UK and France,

“moral” liberal democracies,

the USSR always tested it’s nuclear weapons

on home territory.




They told me he wasn’t as vulgar as LBJ,


as lecherous as JFK.


Nevertheless, in his own way…

When I walked into the office the chief was berating the intelligent-looking guy:

“For Christ’s sake, Henry, think big! Let’s get nuclear, goddammit!”

Mortified at the blasphemy, involuntarily I laughed.

Bemused, they looked through me, a woman,

an open door.




So, a few more people realized, remembered this year,

oh, the human penchant for so-called milestones,

isn’t publicity a wonderful thing?

And, how do *we* feel?


The added attention only serves to highlight people’s ignorance and ultimate apathy.

After distractedly devoting three minutes of half-attention,

they move on, banality beckons.

People are kinetic beings,

like polluted winds,

they move on,

affecting, effecting and infecting somewhere, someone else.

Do *we* ever move on?

(Only in my imagination…)

Generally, we are in a demented kind of kinetic stasis,

like atoms moving frantically, acting and reacting on instinct and memory, agitated, but not actually going anywhere.

(Where would you like to go?)


(What is “home”?)

A concept of comfort and belonging, safety.

(Is such possible in this world?)


Tonight we would like to issue a joint communiqué, through space and time, telepathically, quietly and forcefully, in our unique way:

Hey everybody: Merkel is a cancer. It may be a cheap shot, but it’s true, look at Germany suffer. … I heard all about it on a podcast or two.

How did we get here,

this place, this time?

It’s not what we planned

but history rhymes.


Screwed-up and decline,

the twin children

of hubris and pride.


We used to be friends,

briefly, after the war,

a time where everything seemed possible,

now we are each other’s demon.


Power plays, greed, exploitation and deceit.

Potential hit out of the ball park,

gone, baby, gone,

a home run of missed opportunities.


Wind of change, changed direction,

children of tomorrow blown away.

The rich get richer,

the poor get evicted.


Somebody’s gaining (monetarily)

and everyone’s losing (monumentally).


The world is an amazing place (Da-da-da-da-da-da…).