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I feel an imperative,

so I exercise,

alone and outside,

it reminds me of myself:

who I was, who I am, who I will be,

no matter how high or low in your eyes…


It’s a compulsion,

part of my identity,

one could say,

I feel the glory of God in my exertions.

To this end, I sneer at the bodybuilders and gym junkies,

those who “work out” for superficial ends

(It’s deeper than that!)…

And I take pleasure in feeling the movement of

the Cross

as it moves with me.

The Cross I wear on a longish chain around my neck,

stainless steel, shiny and “cheap”,

no doubt scorned by bodybuilders, gym junkies and girly-girls,

who exist on another societal plane.

They don’t get it,

their loss.

The Cross is precious.

The Cross is practical and everyday.

I wash sweat and moisturizer residue off in soapy dish water.

The Cross is with me.

Variously and verily,

the Cross moves with me.